Fantasy Romance by Susan Kelley

 The Chronicles of Solonia is my first romance series and all four books are available at New Concepts Publishing in print and ebook .  An asteroid strike sends the Earth into a pre-technological world.  Two small settlements of survivors reach out to each other, hoping to improve their safety and welfare of their people. 
 The Greater Good begins the series when the warrior Juston Steele of The Realm is trapped into a marriage with Princess Katarina of Solonia.  Both have their own reasons for entering the match arranged by their leaders but neither can deny the physical attraction that quickly adds complications to what both thought of as a business deal. But evil of the human and sub-human varieties plot the downfall of Solonia and especially the royal newly weds. The survival of Solonia will rest on Juston's forgiveness of Katerina for the secrets she kept from him, and whether Katerina trusts what her heart tells her about her warrior husband.

Sky Turan of the Realm and Captain Vilicia of Solonia hate each other on sight when they meet in The Greater Good.  When a diplomatic mission brings Vilicia to the Realm, Sky can't keep his eyes off the tall, blonde warrior.  As he gets to know her and respect, he soon can't keep his hands off her.  But a shipwreck brings a group of strangers to The Realm and their interference soon puts the peace of the settlement in danger.  Sky's lack of trust in Vilicia sets the stage for disaster upon disaster when their people need them both.  This book will make you laugh and cry as Vilicia and Sky are forced to decide what is The Lesser Evil. 

Claudia Turan, Sky's younger sister, isn't interested in anything except her job as a Squad Leader in an exploration of the unknown wildernesses surrounding Solonia.  She leads a band of warriors to search for a long lost university city where they hope to find secrets to lost technologies and medicines.  She finds the city but also a corrupt society where the female population is kept as slaves and breeding stock.  When she rescues rebel leader Roth Celebria from torture and death, Claudia must decide if she's welling to abandon her home in the Realm to battle along side him against the oppressive regime.  They must learn to trust each other and accept that sometimes the only way to defeat evil is with an equally Ruthless Good.

Cara of Solonia doesn't let anyone get close to her.  Only a few people know she'd been captured by the Savages and brutalized by the man-like beasts before being freed.  She keeps her heart ache and fears hidden behind a tough exterior.  Captain Brady Gellot of the Realm gives up trying to break through Cara's coolness but he sees the pain behind her haunted eyes.  Then an accident strands them alone in the wilderness where they must depend on each other for survival.  They meet odd new friends while confronting nature's fury and the remnants of an old evil.  Even as they find their way back home, Brady despairs of ever earning Cara's complete trust.  Only when she learns of Brady's own secret hurts and loss does she understand her heart will be safe with him.  But Brady never gives up on his One Good Woman.

 In the land of Salubria, legends abound about a small group of magnificent warriors called Tigers.  Lady Violet Hylan doesn't believe the legends until she's captured by a vicious witch intent on taking over the entire kingdom.  Violet will do anything to escape including putting her life and virtue into the hands of the powerful swordsman in the cell with her.  At first he's just a handsome, deadly efficient tool but Violet soon wants Luke Aron to be more.  Luke knows the danger of falling in love with Violet but the brave sorceress did save his life and now he's magically connected to her.  In the world where Tigers are unparalleled predators, Violet is Luke's only weakness.  But before they can work out their personal relationship, they must survive what the ambitious witch who'd first captured them has planned.  If they live through the war, Violet can try To Tame a Tiger.

Darien Kavlon lead the life of a nomad as he and his two adopted mothers travel the grasslands of middle Salubria. But the call has come from the leader of the Tigers so Darien and his mothers set off to join Luke Aron. But their journey is interrupted by a chance encounter with the lovely sorceress, Sarimariann Kei. Before too long Darien decides he will have her for his wife even if he has to kidnap her to make her a Tiger's Mate. Sarimariann would gladly travel north with Darien, but she has a daughter she must put first. She doesn't believe even a superior warrior like a Tiger can protect them from the rich, powerful man who wants Sari and her daughter. Darien's rash actions soon bring all their enemies into their midst where Sarimariann must share her secret with Darien. A secret that may earn his hatred.
Tiger Weston Gavon has suffered mental and physical torture to keep the girl he loved safe. But now Harmony is a grown woman and expects answers from the man she loved when he was a boy. Enough of Gavon's pride remains to know he's not good enough for the kind, lovely woman Harmony has become. He can never share the horrible things he endured at the hands of the greedy witch he bargained his life to in order to protect Harmony. But tragedy forces them into each other's company and soon they're running for their lives. Harmony doesn't understand Gavon's resistance to the spark between them. But soon they're forced to turn and face their foes but they can never be truly happy until they face Gavon's nightmares. It will take off of a Tiger's Courage for them to be together.