Monday, October 27, 2008

Dreadful Synopsis

I've learned not to fear writing a synopsis as I did early in my career, but that doesn't mean I like it. I worked on one today for my latest WIP. I'm confessing to writing the most horrible example of the darned things of my entire career. It was so dry and skipped so much yet was almost nine pages long. The book is the first book in a new fantasy series and there are a lot of things happening, numerous important characters and an entire world to build. I had so much trouble deciding what to include and what to skip. After finishing it, I decided I'd made a wrong decision at almost every opportunity.
So tonight I'm going to delete the entire thing and start over. Yuch!
On another note, our book signing was a bit of a bust. I'm calling it an act of God. I'm talking monsoon like rains and wind. We're going to try again near Valentine's day. Stay tuned.
I'll be posting some reminders starting next week about December's release of A Ruthless Good. I'm still waiting for my cover art. I can't wait.

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