Saturday, January 17, 2009

Little Here, Little There

When I had my first book coming out almost a year and a half ago, I felt completely overwhelmed by the challenge or promotion. I created my own website with no idea of what I was doing. I started a blog when I was sure I had nothing of importance to say other than, 'buy my book.' I didn't know how to create links, how to draw visitors to my sight or even how to write a promo for all those yahoo groups I've joined. Now my third book is coming out next week and I've learned a few things.
First of all, I can't do everything at once. I'm still an amatuer in learning all you can do with your blog and your website. I've learned I can spend hours doing promotion online and get little to no writing done. Where is the line to maintain balance? I must write so I have new material for my readers or I will lose them. I must promote so I have readers at all.
So I'm trying in 2009 to do a little promotion each day and spend most of my available hours writing. Sometimes all I do is visit my friends' blogs, tweet once on twitter and dash over to facebook. And I figured out I don't have to write a long essay with great literary merit each time I update my own blog. Sometimes I can just get things off my mind and say hello.
Now I'm back to my writing with the soundtrack of 'Lord of the Rings' playing in the background.
The fourth book in my Solonian Chronicles Series, is calling for me. Haven't come up with the title yet, but it needs to follow the others, The Greater Good, The Lesser Evil, and A Ruthless Good.


  1. I think finding and maintaining that balance is one of the hardest things for most authors when they first get published. I also think you do great! :)

  2. Hopefully I can find a balance like that when the time comes. Sounds like your striking a good one!