Friday, May 8, 2009

Diving In Again

I'm about to say good bye for another week or more. I received my first edits back from my editor for To Tame a Tiger. She said it's all pretty good and not much needs done, but it's still a 104,000 word book that has to be read slowly and carefully. So I might not be blogging for a little while.
On some other good news, I queried my editor at NCP about One Good Woman last night and she said 'sure, send it.' A response in less than 24 hours. You gotta love that. Andrea is so nice. She's usually very efficient also, so hopefully I hear back on that within a few months.
So I'm going to select a movie to put on in the background and then dive right in to breach once more. I hope to surface by the end of next weekend.


  1. Good luck, Sue. Come up for air once in a while. :) Talk to you next week!

  2. Good luck getting through those! Hope they're not to tedious. :)

  3. You have fabulous -- and apparently very smart -- editors! Congratulations and best of luck. Go forth and write and forget about us. We'll keep checking in.

    Straight From Hel