Sunday, June 21, 2009

Back to Goal Setting

For a while this spring, I was all about goal setting. Writing them down and posting them here really helped me stay on track. It's like a public confessional. So I'm going to do it this week because I really need to get back on track.

#1. I'm going to finish 'Beneath the Mountain,' book three in The Futhark Chronicles from Medallion press.

#2. I'm going to do an overnight visit with my mother who lives about 2 hours away and do it without guilt for all the work I'm leaving behind at home.

#3. I am going to finish the one last flower bed that I haven't weeded and tan-barked yet this year even though it's the biggest messiest one.

#4. I'm going to work out at least 5 days out of seven.

#5. I am going to try a new wine this week. Don't know what kind yet but I'm going to browse for it. (I won't drink the whole bottle in one night)

That's enough goals to get me started this week. I hope my friends put some pressure on me to stay on top of this. Hope you all have writing buddies who do that for you.


  1. Applying pressure! :)
    Good luck with the list! #5 sounds like a good plan!
    V. :)

  2. An ambitious list. Hope you achieve them all.

  3. Yowza!! You're my new goal setting hero.

    Here are mine:
    1. Try to fit in brushing my teeth some time this week.
    2. Pretend in my head that I'm still a writer while never opening a wip.
    3. Drool less.

    I don't think I'll make it.

  4. LOL, Ava! You crack me up!! That's a big list! Perhaps you should have been less ambitious. LOL
    I publicly set my goals over on my blog and they're nowhere near as good as yours. :)

  5. I knew I could count on you guy to encourage me. Ava, I hope I can keep up. And about that pretend part, I do that sometimes too.