Sunday, December 27, 2009

One Good Woman Released in Print

Woohoo! My publisher released One Good Woman in print two days before Christmas. I'm thrilled to have it out so soon after the e-book releases. Even more, I hope there's hundreds of thousands of new owners of e-readers out there.

One Good Woman is the culminating novel of The Chronicles of Solonia, a futuristic series published by New Concepts Publishing. Two recurring but much loved characters from the first three novels, The Greater Good, The Lesser Evil and A Ruthless Good find their own happiness in a destiny determined from when they first met. I think readers of the first three books will be completely satisfied with the answering of questions raised by the first three tales.

I know of several of my readers who always wait for the print book but I'm really hoping some of the lucky people received their new Sony or other reader for Christmas decide to give one of my books a try.

How about you? Did you receive an e-reader for Christmas or did one of your friends? Did you buy one for someone? If you did get one, are you going to purchase some authors you might not have tried on print?


  1. Congrats, Sue!!
    No eBook reader here, but I want one! Don't know which one I like though! Maybe someday!

  2. Me too. E-readers are like cell phones. By the time you can afford the really cool one, next year's model is out and is even better.

  3. I didn't get an e-reader. My DH asked if I wanted one for Christmas, but he asked like on Christmas Eve, so I knew it would be impossible to get.

    Straight From Hel

  4. My husband and I promised each other no expensive gifts this year so my e-reader prospects are on hold for another year. At least, Helen, he didn't wait until Christmas Eve to ask me.