Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sweet, Sweet Prizes

It's here! Blogmania!  Link over to The Susquehanna Writers and take a chance to win a prize worth more than $100.  Books, chocolate and wonderful things for readers and writers.  From there you can link to other blogs, make comments, join as a follower and have chances to win even more prizes.
Blogmania is a drive to bring more traffic to blogs by bribing people with terrific gifts with no risks involved.  And hopefully some of those newcomers and will stick around and help our group blog grow.  I've donated the first book in The Solonian Chronicles, The Greater Good.  I hope whomever wins it wants to read the next three book in that series.  I've also donated a copy of The Keepers of Sulbreth.  With the next book in that series due out in January, I'll be doing lots of promotion over the next few months.  Stay tuned.  Please hope over and follow The Susquehanna Writers.  Maybe you'll win.
I've won some terrific books in a few contests sponsored on blogs and some other neat items.  Have you ever won and if you have, what was the best prize you ever received?

1 comment:

  1. Good luck to everyone who enters! I would enter, but somehow I think the postage might be too much.