Saturday, November 27, 2010

Work and Play

Except for major holidays, I like to do at least a little bit of writing work every day.  Sometimes all I get done is visiting blogs and reading mail.  Since today is a day off, I'm intending more than that. I'm nearly finished with the short story I'm going to use as promotion for my upcoming release, Beyond the Gate.  I'm also writing up a few blogs to post during the upcoming week.
This morning was all about play however.  A few weeks ago I received two gift cards to Barnes and Noble for my birthday. I used one to shop online but today I promised my daughter a trip to the book store.  Barnes and Noble is a short distance in miles from my house but the roads there make it longer than it seems. A durn construction project slows the busy roadways and of course being the Saturday after Black Friday brought a lot of traffic to the confusion and roughly-paved streets.  We went early, found a seat in the cafe and then took turns browsing and bringing stacks of books to our table.  Between sips of coffee we read inside flaps, back covers and first chapters.  Money is tight so we're careful shoppers. 
Like most writers, I read a variety of genres.  I love reading historical mysteries when the detectives have to use their wits and intellects without relying on DNA, security cameras or phone traces.  Victoria Thompson's Gaslight series set in New York is one of my favorites.  I recently discovered, Will Thomas's Barker and Llewelyn detective series set in Victorian London.  This first book, Some Danger Involved, intrigued me so today I picked up the second one, To Kingdom Come.  And for a little bit of quick light reading, I picked up Richard Castle's first book, Heat Wave.  I love the Castle TV series and of course am wondering like so many other people who is actually writing the 'Nikki Heat' books.
I still have the massive next book in The Wheel of Time series to tackle but I think I'll wait until Christmas break to dive into that tome.  What about you? With the winter chill setting in, what book are you curling up with?  I have a hot coffee by my hand and tonight I'll have a glass of wine.  What will you sip on while you indulge in some pleasure reading?


  1. I'm about halfway through Twisted Reason by Diane Fanning. It's the fourth in her Lucinda Pierce mystery series. (Not an historical, though.)

  2. I enjoy contemporary mystery and have a few favorite thriller authors like Lee Childs and John Sandford.

  3. I so want to read the Castle books.

    Right now I am reading a few books. Forever, by Pete Hamill (Historical Fiction), Outside the Ordinary World by Dori Ostermiller(Women's Fiction). The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, by Stieg Larsson (Thriller), and Eat, Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert (Memoir).

    Depending on my mood is how I choose. I like to keep myself busy. LOL.

  4. I picked up 'Forever' but put it back. Should I give it a try? You wont' be disappointed by The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Charli.

  5. I'm looking forward to some reading time too! I downloaded a few books onto my Kindle. I'm in the mood for some romantic suspense so I think I'll start with one of Terry O'Dell's books! :)

  6. You've earned some time off to read, Jemi. Wish I had a Kindle. Hope Santa heard that wish.

  7. Like yourself, I try to read a wide variety of genres. I haven't read historical fiction in a while but I do love anything medievel, dark ages, Renessaince, etc. And I love Lee Child too. Haven't read much of John Sandford but I know who he is.

  8. Susan,

    I am on page 269 of Forever. I love it. Hamill's writing style is very different, he is a rule breaker. I love that too.

    Now, I am getting to the part of the book where the reviews have said it drops, interest wise. We shall see.

    Finishing this then picking Dragon Tattoo back up. I can't wait to read that.