Monday, September 5, 2011

Power of Pen

Jack Hillman is a PA writer I first met through my membership in Pennwriters.  This past July, I spent a few hours with Jack and some other authors at the Saucon Valley Farmer's Market.  Jack not only arranged the booksigning event with the management of the Farmer's Market, he provided the shade.  We didn't sell lots of books that day, but we had a chance to network and share our ideas, our frustrations with the industry and our speculations of where the world of books is heading.

But let me tell you a little about Jack Hillman.  First of all he's a clever man of great wit.  It's just plain fun to talk with him.  His broad spectrum of knowledge ranges from writing, publishing, marketing and other areas not related to being an author. 

His recent experiences with his publisher reminded me a bit of my own, so we had lots to discuss about that.  His trilogy called The Giant's Wars, is set in the Saucon Valley and connected to a local legend of a lost river.  The young hero, Eric Johnson, encounters all kinds of legendary characters and creatures in his adventures.  As you can tell from his cover art, Jack's book is filled with great fantasy action.  It's just the thing for young readers, especially those reluctant boys.  Buy it here!

Booksigning opportunities are become rarer and rarer.  I'm grateful to Jack for sharing this chance with me.  Where have you held booksignings? Do you expect more venues for writers published with small presses to close? Are booksignings going to become a thing of the past?


  1. I'm not much on the physical appearances anyway, but I do think there will be fewer and fewer.

  2. I think you're right, Alex. I'll miss spending that time meeting readers and other writers.

  3. i hope book signings don't go the way of disappearing for ever. I like meeting new writers and talking shop.

  4. I've never been to a book signing, but I'd love to someday--I hope they don't disappear!

  5. It's like Hollywood; the actors hang out with other actors. We, as writers, have many chances at writers conferences and that's where we sell our books and sign them, too.

    I think book signings is like good customer service--it's a dying art, but there are some places that still believe in it. I will fight for my right as an author to make my "rare" appearances for fans.

    Do it for the fans--we, as authors, must become creative and make our own opportunities to hold book signings. <3

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    YA Paranormal Romance, Darkspell coming fall of 2011!

  6. I agree - I think book signings are becoming increasingly rare. You'd need a larger gathering or something like the Hay Festival to keep the same kind of momentum.