Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Happy Thought

Though I write romance as Susan Kelley, I make sure things are not smooth sailing for my protagonists. I can't claim to create storylines as diabolical as on Once Upon a Time where no one ever gets a happy ending but I like to make things tough on the good guys and gals.

I like my own life to be happy like most people and for my last post of August, I'd like to share some happy moments. Like my son working at the Broadmoor in Colorado and feeding the giraffes. He's one of those guys that children and animals love. Though maybe it was just the lettuce.
James at the Broadmoor Zoo

Tomorrow I'm taking my daughter back to Boston University, much to her delight and my loss of companionship. But I know she'll be happy. In the meantime, she sent this to me (from the living room to my office) and we both wondered why it can't be this way.
From facebook

What was your happy thought this week? Ever feed a giraffe? Do you text or email members of your family when they're just in the other room? Ever have anyone buy you a drink in a coffee shop just to meet you?


  1. Your daughter is brilliant. That should a cultural norm.

  2. I have been known to go up to people in the bookstore and let them know if I read the book they're looking at, if I liked it etc. Most of the time, people respond well. Sometimes, they just sidle away.... :)

    My husband and I email jokes and funny articles etc to each other during the day. It's fun, and a nice way to keep in touch when at work.

  3. Buying a girl a drink never works.
    Safe travels to Boston.
    And how does it feel being home instead of at school?

  4. No one's ever bought a drink or a book for me.

    I got to pet the Mercury Cougar's cub once.

  5. what a romantic thought--as bookstores are in general---love the pic of your son :)

  6. I love the Facebook graphic. That should be a cultural norm! Love it:)

  7. Anyone can buy me a book anytime. I can't promise it'll get them anything but a 'Thank you' in return, but they're still free to go for it.

  8. Bring your daughter back to Boston .. that is tough stuff, especially after getting to spend some good time together.

    Save travels.

  9. I got to feed a giraffe at the San Diego Wild Animal Park...and it was a blast! The bookstore pick-up is pretty slick, but since I'm married, I probably shouldn't give it a try. Haha.

  10. You know I've lived in Co for almost 28 years and have never been to the Broadmoor? Must get there!

    I love the giraffes--I have been to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo-- so fun.

  11. Such lovely thoughts, Susan, you are so blessed to have a daughter, she'll be thinking about you when she is away as you think of her. Good to find you on Linky. Carole.

  12. People better start buying those books soon before the bookstores are gone.

    A Faraway View