Monday, September 30, 2013

Living in the Wild

There's lots of talk about the Zombie apocalypse and if we're prepared to survive. My one son is a big fan of The Walking Dead so we have this discussion now and then. They're all pretty confident that with my background I'll make sure our family survives. It's been a few years since I won medals for archery, but we have fun talking about it.
This wild creature visited me on the
front porch.

On the other hand, I won't be visiting your blogs until late today or tomorrow because I'm going to visit my sister who really does live in the wilds. It's my first visit to her 'new' farmstead. She has an odd address with only a box and route number. I asked her for a road name to plug into GPS. She told me it doesn't work where she lives. People always end up in the middle of a farmer's field. We laughed and she sent me written directions. Yes, there's a gravel road or two interspersed between winding paved roads.

After reading through the directions I emailed her and told her to stay by the phone in case I became lost. Can't remember the last time I got lost but we've been using GPS for a while now. She assured me she would but my cell phone wouldn't find a signal during chunks of the trip. Oh, and forget TV.

I know I'll enjoy my visit with my sister, but it is uncomfortable knowing I'll be out of touch with the online world for most of two days. I won't check my email, update a facebook status or visit any blogs. I'm really going to be unplugged until I get close to home.

Don't forget this Wednesday is the Insecure Writers' Support Group. It's going to be a very exciting month for this wonderful group started by Alex J. Cavanaugh. Are you ready?

So share your experiences of being unplugged. Did you miss it or enjoy it? What special skills to you have to survive in a post apocalyptic world?


  1. Good Luck and don't get lost as I want to hear all about your adventure when you get back :-)

  2. Now that is really unplugged! :)

    I'm pretty sure I wouldn't survive the zombie attack - unless I managed to hide really well and have food. And books. Then I might make it. :)

  3. Boy, that sounds familiar. LOL.

    I got lost the first time I tried to drive to my new house in the sticks. It's easy now, but when I moved here, it looked like a web of gravel roads. They all looked the same to me.

    Ask any local though and I know they'll get you to your sister's house. Good luck!

  4. We aren't overly remote but do live in a black hole that can't get cell phone reception. For awhile, our radio in the car even fizzles out. We can't get cable even. I love it, but it does kind of freak out visitors sometimes!

  5. Hi, Susan,

    WHOA... that sounds scary... LOL. At times I have been without access and thought I would go INSANE! One time it had lasted for two weeks and during the A-Z challenge.

    I had to drive to a local Mcdonald's daily for service. Take about a challenge....

    I never want to have to experience that again!!! But for two days... I know you'll survive.

    You'll have an amazing time catching up with your sister!

  6. Hope you don't get lost! I'd feel uneasy about being disconnected while trying to find someplace remote.
    You'll have to tell us more about your archery medals sometime.

  7. Hi, Susan,
    Can't remember the last time I've been away from civilization for an extended period, but when I work in the country, I have to pay for internet access at hotels which only means a night without being on the net. I find that I don't usually miss the internet. Television though, I'd definitely miss. Hope you had fun.

  8. In some ways I wouldn't mind living in the wilds, but I know my wife would never stand for it. I have a hard time getting her to walk someplace where there's no pavement. I've grown soft and dependent on the easy life with technology. I don't know how long I could survive.

    Tossing It Out

  9. Hey we didn't get lost! My sister gave me perfect directions. Took me two hours to wash my car a little while ago.
    Lovely trees turning colors and fun, fun, fun, seeing my sister.

  10. I often enjoy a break from being online, social media, etc. I do feel disconnected though, sometimes, depending on what projects I have going at the time.

  11. being unplugged sucks but i hope you take some good pics!!

  12. sounds intriguing--we should all do it now and then, have fun :)

  13. Oh, I love when a praying mantis visits. :)
    It's almost a necessity to unplug and take a break. Online activities can wear you down. Enjoy your visit! Hope you find your way.

  14. I hope you don't get lost. I've had more than my share of experiences with getting lost.

  15. Love the picture. Huge fan of bugs.