Monday, May 26, 2014

In Our Memories Today

I know many people use this day to have cookouts, family gatherings and perhaps even take a vacation. And why not? Hardworking people deserve those relaxing times. But I always feel sad on this day.

Yesterday was my daughter's twentieth birthday. We no longer have any teenagers in our family. This year also marks 20 years since my father passed away. He was a WWII vet, one of those who went overseas to defend his country.

Like so many men of that era, he'd never traveled more than twenty miles from the house where he was born before he signed up for the army. His older brother had left before him and my dad enlisted as soon as he was old enough. He dropped out of school, leaving after the tenth grade. Though labeled a sharpshooter after arms training, my father was never tasked to be a sniper. Something I'm grateful for but he saw enough terrible things to last a lifetime.
My dad is the handsome guy on the right

That wonderful man married my mother before he left for overseas and then came home and fathered seven children. He worked 16-18 hours a day for nearly forty years, putting us through college and being a great father and example of what a man should be. Today, I always spend the day thinking of him and missing him. He died a few months before my daughter was born and never met her. I know he would be proud of her.

Each day when I read or hear of another armed services member dying in the service to their country, I think of the hole left in the lives of those they left behind. I pray they know others mourn with them. Thank you to those that serve and have served. May you be safe and always appreciated.

Is this day a celebration holiday for you or a day filled with memories? Did you attend a parade or memorial ceremony? Do you know any veterans?


  1. My father is a Vietnam veteran and I'm thankful he came home to us.
    Your father worked hard. I think many people have forgotten what it's like to truly work like that.

  2. Lovely post and tribute to your dad. I think of those lost too, today...and take pride in my country.

  3. Beautiful tribute, Sue.

    My father is a Vietnam Veteran, My paternal grandfather was a WWII veteran who fought at the Battle of the Bulge, and my maternal grandfather was a WWI veteran who lied about his age and signed up at age 16. He was sent to Siberia on a secret mission to guard the rail roads there.

    God bless the soldiers who defend our country.

  4. Great tribute to your dad indeed and wow, he worked a lot of hours too.

  5. Like your father, mine was a WWII vet, as well as doing stints in the Philippines and Korea. He passed away fourteen years ago and I miss him still. Both my brothers and my husband were also in the service. My gratitude to the men and women who serve goes beyond a simple "thank you" - it is not enough to honor what they do.

  6. My dad was a veteran. Wounded twice, never regretted his service to the U.S., which he loved. I don't remember a Memorial Day that he didn't have the flag flying on our front porch.

    Let's get our veterans the kind of health care they deserve to show our true appreciation for all they have done.

  7. Beautiful post and an amazing tribute to your father.

  8. Aloha Susan,

    Thanks for your kind words and I wanted to say *THANKS* to you for sharing a little about your Dad.

    (That is a very cool picture of him and (I presume) a buddy.

    It really is as Tom Brokaw said, men like your Dad *were* the Greatest Generation and who knows where *we* would be without them - and their selfless efforts.

    I hope you and yours had a relaxing and peaceful Memorial Day :)

  9. Your writing is so powerful, Susan. I almost feel like in those few short lines that I know your father, or at least a piece of him: A man of courage, and honor, and faithfulness.

  10. Hi Susan .. it's good to be reminded in May of veterans and lost family members to the various Wars ... perhaps a necessary evil - otherwise we wouldn't have the opportunity we have today ...

    Our mothers and fathers and grandparents ... all worked so hard for so little, yet achieved so much ...

    I'm pleased I can visit and be reminded ... before ours comes around in November .. though this year - the start of WW1 is upon us one hundred years later ..

    Cheers and congratulations to your daughter on her 20th, and yes so sad your father wasn't able to meet her .. but he knew she was coming ... Hilary

  11. Thanks for sharing that. My dad was in the Air Force and enlisted during Vietnam but didn't go overseas.

  12. I know lots of veterans, and all sides of my family served in one capacity or another. I remember this day for more than another day off the day job, even when I don't post.

  13. he sounds like such a wonderful man and father---i have uncles that served

  14. he sounds like such a wonderful man and father---i have uncles that served

  15. Thanks for sharing this with us, Susan.