Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday Wisdom

This busy week is ending with a lot of work still on my plate. I have a final read through of my next science fiction romance, The Warrior and the Biologist, to get back to my editor by next Wednesday. I have an outline for an article I want to write for my local RWA chapter's newsletter due by Tuesday. And I have to get a blog post ready for the IWSG blog on Monday.

That is just my writers' work. For the second summer in a row, it manages to rain, a lot, a few times per week which means to the lawn and the weeds grow and grow and grow. I have a sizable property which means two hours of mowing and lots more than that of landscaping care. Add to that celebrating my husband's birthday, attending a celebration of our friends' anniversary and doing some shopping with my daughter for her semester abroad, and I'm pretty busy this weekend.

I can't let you enter the weekend without some shared wisdom from the trusty Old Farmer's Almanac. If there is a most common food that kids don't care for it might be peas, but did you know that 'Peas were a bedtime snack for royalty in 17th century France?' If you've ever eaten peas fresh from the garden, you would find them very tasty.

I don't know if any of my readers live in Vermont, but the painted turtle is the state republic of Vermont? And for good luck, you should put a coin in your home's foundation as it is being built. My father did that when we built an addition to our barn for the young stock. If my dad did it, it must be true.

What is keeping you busy this weekend? Ever have peas fresh from the garden? Would you have guessed they were a royal snack? Is there a coin in the foundation of your home? Any odd luck charms that you can think of? Want to mow my grass for me?


  1. The painted turtle? Didn't know that.
    When it rains, I can actually hear my lawn grow...
    You'll get it all done!!

  2. Wow, you are busy! Good luck with all you have to do.

    This weekend, I'll be going to a birthday party with my oldest daughter. I'm also hoping to go art supply shopping for me. :)

    Peas fresh from the garden are wonderful!

    I hope you have a wonderful, productive weekend. ☺

  3. Fresh peas are the best! We gardened when the kids were little and they grew up loving their veggies!

  4. Never knew about the coin, and blah, royalty can keep their nasty peas. Had to mow a lawn that took 2 hours before, not fun.

  5. I actually like to mow our lawn. And I didn't know peas were a snack for royalty, very interesting post, Susan!

  6. Nothing like deadlines to motivate you! And there's nothing like homegrown veggies - so much tastier than store-bought.
    Happy weekend!

  7. I'm exhausted, and that's because of all the work you have to do. LOL. I mow our lawn too. And we have the house on the market, so guess who keeps it clean? The only difference is it's very hot here and I'm melting. Not to mention my feet are swollen. Not a pleasant feeling. Wish I had your energy.

  8. One of the pleasures of living in a forest, is you don't have a lawn to mow. Sorry, but mowing I'm not missing. Hire a boy with mower?

  9. I love peas! My grandpa grows them in his garden, so every year it's a special delight for the grandchildren to go out pea picking and just munching on peas all throughout the summer afternoon.

  10. I love peas--especially in salads.

    We just mowed the back forty and clean out chicken coops. I'm done for the weekend. :)

  11. Yikes! You're even busier than me this week. Just barely. lol!

    Can't wait to read the newsletter article!!

  12. P.S. Love the new look of your site!