Monday, December 5, 2016

QotM and Winter is Here

The first Monday of the month is the Question of the Month blog hop started by Michael G. D'Agostino over at A Life Examined. Answer the question and then visit the other bloggers pondering this month's query.

"What does retirement look like for you?"

As most of you know, I'm a full time writer and don't expect to ever completely retire from that. But I also taught high school for 34 years before this and have since retired from that career. Thank goodness or I would be starving without that pension. So I write almost every day now, take care of our huge house and property and sometimes help my husband with his painting business. The only thing I'd like to change about my current situation that would make if feel like retirement is to down-size. That would give me more writing time and the financial savings would allow more money to do some traveling.

Like many people today, we're pretty careful of our money. I know so many older people who can't afford to retire and are working well into their seventies. Likewise, I know many young people who are struggling from paycheck to paycheck and can't even dream of retirement and save toward it.

Speaking of questions, don't forget this Wednesday is IWSG posting day. The question this month;
In terms of your writing career, where do you see yourself five years from now, and what's your plan to get there?

And in some Ninja news, Alex J. Cavanaugh has a prequel to his terrific space opera series coming out tomorrow. CassaDawn is set before the events in the other Cassa novels. You can pre-order today or get it on Tuesday.

Had a great writer's Christmas party on Saturday. It's such fun to spend time getting to know everyone a little better and the food was good too. I haven't really done much shopping but I do have some ideas of what I need to get for everyone.

On the other hand, winter is determined to arrive. We had flurries and some sleet a few weeks ago and last night, we had some more. The only comfort in that is that I get to quote Game of Thrones. I can't count how many times I watched the last episode of season 6.

I have two different ideas I'm working on for my next series. As soon as I finish the edits I'm currently working on, I'll have to make a decision about it.
"Indecision may or may not be my problem." Jimmy Buffet

Are you preparing for retirement yet? Have any holiday parties in the future? Aren't you glad our winters only last a few months and not for years like on Game of Thrones? And we don't have white walkers.


  1. Retirement for me began with much travelling, but due to personal problems these past two years that has ceased.I however hope to commence travelling once again once I can get a few problems sorted.
    I really enjoyed your post and look forward to your ISWG on Wednesday.

  2. My husband says I will never fully retire. I haven't worked a J-O-B since 1999, but self-employed means I tend to work even more.

    It is very frightening how many people have zero savings for retirement. We're not as well off as my husband's brother (who just purchased a million dollar home on a lake) but we have enough set back to continue our lifestyle and more when my husband retires.

  3. Thanks for mentioning CassaDawn!
    Downsizing is a thought. Although our house isn't too big. I definitely want to travel more.

  4. Sigh - I miss Game of Thrones. :(

    I don't plan on retiring from writing, from creating, and my husband just plans on doing something new and different than what he does now. He'd last about a week relaxing before he'd be itching to work on something else. :)

  5. Taking care of the house can be almost a full time job--I've been finding that out. I wouldn't mind working into my 70's or more if it were something I loved and it wasn't killing me.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  6. We started planning our retirement from corporate America when we were in our 40s. It was a gigantic push to sock away as much as we could. That meant no vacations and no expensive frills. :) It worked for us. We both retired early, and loving it. :)

  7. According to my husband, I am preparing for retirement, but I have no idea what that actually means. I don't think I would ever retire from writing at any rate.

    I think I'm supposed to have a writers group holiday party this weekend, but I haven't heard anything about it. I have been trying to figure out what I could bring, should it actually happen.

    And no white walkers—definitely a good thing.

  8. Some people don't want to retire. Willy Dunne Wooters loves his job and says he'll do it as long as he can. You keep writing!


  9. Hi Susan - there's retirement and retirement ... I enjoy being busy, but I'd love a few more pennies to get around a bit more ... we all adapt as we need to .. cheers Hilary

  10. My mom's busier after she retired! I can't imagine ever retiring from writing, but one day when my husband retires, I'd like to downsize too. He is one of the few people our age (late 30s/early 40s) I know who is saving toward retirement. So many people are not going to be able to ever retire, and it's scary to think what the future might look like in that respect.

  11. Winter sure wants to come indeed. I'm the later, paycheck to paycheck it is, ugg to that haha

  12. I tried downsizing, then my in-laws died and I inherited their house. After that, my mom died and I inherited her home. For a couple of years I had three houses to take care of plus land. So much for downsizing! I did manage to sell one house, so at the moment, I live in two, depending on my mood: mountains or ocean. Still, that is not making things easier, is it?

  13. I guess I'm one of those young people you're talking about. I definitely can't imagine retirement. And right now, I'd welcome some White Walkers.

  14. Years long winters would have killed me long ago, the cold is so painful.

    Sweetie is retired, but i'm not sure that i will be able to follow suit any time soon. Unless there is a major change, i will have to work for quite a while longer.

  15. I love that Jimmy Buffet quote! Life is often unpredictable, which makes it hard to plan for the future, or even the present. If I ever came to a point where I was writing full-time, I don't think I would ever truly retire either.

  16. Sounds like downsizing it the only thing really lacking from your retirement. The savings, as you've stated, could allow for travel and you can always keep writing.
    I'm no fan of the cold.
    Thanks for sharing.

  17. Been retired so long I don't know what it was like working any more. Downsizing is always a good idea. Especially as you get older.

  18. I'm disabled, so I feel like I'm retired already. Congrats to Alex!

  19. Great that you get time to write. I'd have to put myself in your young people group, my wife and I are both self-employed so we don't have fancy retirement plans. I can't see myself stopping writing, that's for sure!

  20. I can't imagine having to work into my 70s. Shudder. I've been super fortunate and retired early. Now I can write full-time!

  21. I'm sure glad we don't have white walkers because we received over 3 inches of snow overnight. And because the ground was pretty warm, there seems to be a little layer of ice underneath the snow. I'm staying inside today, trying to whip my rearranged office into better shape and I might even bake some banana muffins (with blueberries) and try a new soup recipe. That's what a good snow day is for--it helps to be retired and not have to make the trek to work. :D