Monday, March 20, 2017

Spring for Real and DR Grady

I hope you'll hop over the Insecure Writer's Support Group blog where I'm talking about attending a conference. Please feel free to add your own advice and experiences in the comments. I'm very excited to be attending the 30th annual Pennwriter's Conference in May.

D.R. Grady is a fellow member of my local RWA chapter and a prolific author. Her latest release, The Trouble with Nerds, is now available on Amazon.

Odd things keep happening to Dr. Sara Newton. She’s a soon-to-be-unemployed pediatrician with an alleged stalker, a hot cop on her heels breathing dire warnings, and way too much student debt.

It doesn’t help that the hot cop is Clay Morrison, her best friend’s older brother. The man has made her heart pound and her palms sweaty since puberty. The trouble is, he only interacts with her when he’s expounding on new security measures. He sees threats everywhere.

Clay Morrison is frustrated. He hates his new job, misses his Army Ranger days, loves his well-meaning, pushy family—and when did sweet Sara Newton grow up? She won't admit she has a stalker, and she won't keep out of his thoughts. He can only protect someone in denial for so long. No matter how attractive she is...

Clay and Sara are circling each other, trying to meet in the middle. Then a brand new threat sends them in a completely different direction.

Find D.R. Grady at her Website, Facebook and Twitter.
You can also find all her books on her Amazon Author page.

Despite the 15 inches of snow we had last week, spring is determined to show up today. The snow is melting really fast and hopefully all my spring flowers have survived beneath it. The thing I like best about spring is that it's that much closer to summer. Bring the heat, Mother Nature.

“You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep Spring from coming.” 
― Pablo Neruda

No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow. -Proverb

Happy Spring, to the Northern Hemisphere. I've been waiting for you.

Are you ready for spring? Do you know DR Grady of Kathleen Watson? Did you get that big snow storm last week?


  1. It was below freezing again last night. Yes, I am very ready for spring.

  2. Freezing in NC Diane? Yes Susan I really am ready for spring, spring brings asparagus. I like the sound of D.R. Grady's new book.

  3. Congratulations to DR.
    No snow but plenty of cold here.

  4. I'm sorry you guys got so heavily hit with the snow and cold. We've had an extremely mild winter. It's been a weird winter all across the country.

  5. No snow here! We had gorgeous weather - cool and sunny. Did lots of outdoor stuff this past weekend. :)

  6. No snow here, but that's nothing new. The last time I saw snow on our deck was in the 90's and it lasted about an hour. I've already visited IWSG. Great post on Conference Attending.

  7. Congrats to DR on the new book.

    We just got more snow last night, so spring is still hiding here.

  8. I am so glad that it's spring. Thankfully the big storm barely hit where I live. All the stupid snow is almost melted.

  9. Hahaha, not gonna lie, when you said "Bring the heat, Mother-" I did NOT think you were ending that with Nature. :)

    It was 80 degrees here this weekend, so I've already planted my garden for the season. Hurray for sun! Bring on summer, Mother-

  10. the Trouble with Nerds sounds right up my alley - thanks for the tip!

    Spring can come any time!!!!

  11. While i am happy for spring, i am not looking forward to the swamp heat summer.

  12. I am ready for spring and definitely summer. I love the longer days of sunshine and warmth when I can feel the light warm my skin and gaze at the stars on a warm night.

  13. I am so very ready for spring. It's raining here this morning. We don't get snow where we live and I'm happy about that.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  14. Is Pennwriters in Pittsburgh this year? I'd love to go, but will probably wait until next year when it's in Lancaster.

    Congrats to D.R. on her release!

    And yes, I'm ready for spring too.

  15. We had a warm beautiful February. Just enough to lure the tulips out of the ground and the daffodils into bloom. Then winter returned and we watched all the flower shrivel in the cold. *sigh*

  16. I think the L.A. version of "cold" weather has come to an end. It's been getting warmer of late.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out Theme Reveal: It's About Time

  17. I'm definitely ready for spring! It normally rains here quite a bit, but we went 72 days in a row with rain this year. Some of those days, it only rained for part of the time. On other days, the rain was relentless - waking up to it and going to sleep with it pounding on the roof. One of our drains backed up in our yard, pooling water around our apple trees and by my parents' basement garage so my husband had to get a water-pump going to pump the water away from the houses and down the hillside. It might not be as cold as snow, but the rain has been far more intense than we like it.

  18. Congrats to D.R.! We're getting hints of spring here, but you never know what you're going to get in Scotland, especially this time of year. You can get snow up til May, followed by blazing sunshine.

  19. It's been a mixture of weather this week.....would you believe April Showers already?


  20. It never snows where I live, so it's always mind-boggling to hear about it happening this time of year elsewhere. Glad you're starting to see signs of spring!

  21. So happy that spring arrived on Saturday! 70 beautiful degrees. Even got the front and side yard weeded! Yay!
    Just don't tell the lower hemisphere, they consider it unkind that we celebrate spring when they can't. :)
    I'm looking forward to you A to Z posts!