Monday, September 18, 2017

Help Out

RWA shared some links last week where you can go and help out the libraries that were victims of the recent hurricanes. Funding libraries is likely not the first thing people or the government will think of as they rebuilt and recover. Yet, I think a lot of people may depend on the library for internet access until they get their homes up and running again. People need help first, but if you love your local library as I do, maybe you can spare them a dime also. Here is the link for the Texas libraries. And you can go here to help the Florida libraries.

While you're in the helping mood, C. Lee McKenzie could use your help voting for her book in the Go here and give the book a boost.
Readers Choice Contest. Her MG novel, Double Negative, could use your vote.

Next Monday, I'm turning my blog over to Nick Wilford next Monday. He'll talk about his book that is being released today. Black and White is the first in a dystopian series. One of my favorite genres of speculative fiction.

I have lots of good books on my shelf and on my Kindle to read, after adding Nick's today, and that's a good thing. Because TV sucks right now. I'll probably watch Scorpion when the new season starts and Once Upon a Time, but I'm not that excited about them. Supernatural had a great season ending in May, so I'll have to give that a try. But I don't even know the dates they return. Blah.

I need to pick up my word count on my current WIP. Only wrote around 2K this week. I'm only halfway through and I'd hoped to have it done this month. Not looking good at all.

I'm taking my daughter to her first story time at the library this week. It's for 0-18 months old. She's not a fan of noisy places or loud things so we'll see how it goes. How do you keep a lot of infants interested in a story? We'll see.

The leaves are turning though it's pretty warm this week. Fall is upon us this Friday. I'll have to teach that granddaughter to rake leaves.

Have you donated to the victims of the recent hurricanes? Do you love your local library? Is dystopian a genre you enjoy? Do you enjoy fall and raking leaves?


  1. Already voted for Lee at my sea. Ugg, yeah, the new tv season sucks indeed. Nothing new that is very interesting at all. Supernatural I'll be sticking with though, 12 seasons in, can't stop now lol

  2. It's good to be able to help out in times of troubles. Wonderful idea.


  3. Voted for Lee already too. Good luck taking your daughter to the library. Even if she doesn't love story time right away, hopefully she will soon.

  4. Already did general donations for hurricane relief but didn't think about libraries specifically.

    I'm looking forward to a handful of returning TV shows, but I don't know much about any new shows in the works.

  5. That's a good idea to donate to a library.
    Still waiting for it to feel like fall.
    Watching The Orville. It really needs to find its footing and soon.

  6. When major disasters come, i tend to hold off on making a big donation until i see an area that's being neglected (there is always some area no one thought about). Helping libraries is a great idea!

  7. We've sent books to libraries after hurricanes.

    My husband just runs over leaves with our mulching lawnmower, so we never have to rake them.

  8. Helping out the library - I like that. That's a great idea. And you're right, TV does suck right now. Good thing my Kindle is full of new books, too.

  9. Hi Susan - voted for Lee and have seen Nick around a few places today .. .and will see you both next Monday. Your granddaughter will love her time at the library - she'll be bemused ... enjoy the reading - cheers Hilary

  10. Donating to the libraries is a great idea. There's a lot of rebuilding to be done. Good luck with the baby at the library. Got to get them started young :)

  11. I have absolutely donated to hurricane relief. The devastation is incredible!
    Voted for Lee too!
    Have fun with story time!!

  12. I love local libraries and you make a good point about them acting as communication hubs. My one does some great storytimes for kids, though for slightly older than 18 months. I'm sure your granddaughter will love it.

    Already voted for Lee. Looking forward to stopping by next Monday and hope you enjoy my book!

  13. How fun with taking your grand daughter to the library story time. I would imagine it will be a lot of interactive things, perhaps puppets to help tell the story? I know the wee one here will turn pages of the book before we get to the end of the writing on the page, but I just keep going along with him (he is getting better in that he will listen to a whole book being read now). I do a lot of pointing at objects and asking him to point to objects he knows. Importance is we are reading or introducing them to words, right?

    Did give to help out with the recent hurricanes. Found a charity Convey of Hope that gives 92% of their money collected back into service; low administrative costs.


  14. We donated to the Rebuild Texas fund set up by the Dells, but haven't sent anything for Florida yet. Will probably go with the Salvation Army this time around. I think Puerto Rico is going to need some help after Marie too, but I hope that gal makes a sharp right turn and heads back out to open waters. This sure has been a terrible year for fires and hurricanes.

  15. I've never been totally sure what dystopian means. I donated to animal rescue which I think is very important at this time. What a great way to introduce youngsters to reading.

  16. Congrats to Nick on his book release. I love a good dystopian story as long as it's fiction. The stuff going on with the hurricanes, on the other hand, is just heartbreaking.

    Yes, we have donated to the Red Cross a couple times now. My inlaws were planning a trip to Puerto Rico in a few weeks. I think that's off now. Donating to libraries is a great idea as well. And pet shelters. And...anything really.

  17. I donated as well, via check to help pay for gas to bring supplies to FL. Bad storms this season. I love Supernatural, but I wish the next season would hurry up and arrive on netflix!