Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Boom! Summer

The Pennwriter's Conference was a huge success. Now that it's over, I'm planning on being more active on my blog. We'll see how it goes. I'll share some highlights on another post.

Finally saw Infinity War with two of my sons. The overall story was good, but what made the movie for me were all the character interactions. I can't even pick a favorite, but there were many laugh-out-loud moments. No smiles at the end though. Wow.

My boys went through some of the boxes we'd saved from the childhood. I winced to see all the money I'd spend on Power Rangers, GI Joe, and comic book characters. I don't mind the legos. They're timeless. We have two boxes sorted for Goodwill, and they each filled two large plastic tubs with their things. Still on the to-do list, baseball and football cards.

Love my granddaughter, but I'm looking forward to summer and not being a full-time babysitting-grandmother. If writing goes as planned, I'll have the second book in my new series finished  by summer and a new home for my Dragon fantasy series.

The third and last book in my Survivors series is available in all formats on my publisher's website. Exile's Savage Lady wraps up all the story lines with a story of love and self-sacrifice. It's not on Amazon yet, but as I've mentioned before, the writer and the publisher make more money when a purchase is made from the website and that hungry monster, Amazon, is cut out.

I hope you had a chance to spend the Memorial Day weekend with family and/or friends. Our house was full and a good time had by all. I might have to do some extra walking this week.

On the entertainment front, Timeless ended for the summer and maybe forever. Once Upon a Time wrapped up all their story lines as the series ended. I'll miss it, but the end was satisfying. My current TV favorite, The 100, is having its best season ever. Very tense and exciting. Other good news, Salvation, another end of the world plot, is returning for a summer season starting June 25th.

Some wisdom from The Old Farmer's Almanac: For long-lasting blooms, pick flowers in the late afternoon when the leaves and stems contain the most sugar.

Any interesting TV in your opinion? Have a cookout on Monday? Do you have any toys packed away from your childhood?


  1. Yeah, there were some funny moments between the characters.
    Congratulations on the last book.
    GI Joes are never a waste of money. I still have all of mine. If they were in a little better shape, they might even be worth some money.

  2. Hi Susan - so glad the conference was rewarding. Congratulations on your new book. Enjoy the summer with more peace ... interesting about picking the flowers later in the pm ... I'd have picked them in the morning - something learned from 'dem old farmers! Cheers Hilary

  3. I have a couple of Care Bears and a Pound Puppy from my childhood. They're sitting on top of the NES in the box on top of the bookshelf.

  4. Congrats on the book.

    I still have most of my Snoopy stuff and all my plastic animals. We also have matching giant, metal RVs in the closet. What are the odds my husband and I would each get one as a kid?

  5. I have my old stuffed animals, which I still like, and my old American Girl dolls, which I don't care about but my mom told me I'm not allowed to get rid of because of how much money she spent on them.

    Isn't it nice that summer is finally here?

  6. I went through my stuff a year or so ago and sold a lot of it. Made some decent money too. Great that the conference went well. Congrats on the new book!

  7. Still have some Barbies with hand-made clothes someone sewed for them. That’s about it on the kid toy front.

    Hope you have a great time writing this summer!

  8. I still have some toys from my childhood, and I'm glad I do. :)

    Watched the series finale of The Middle - so good! I'm going to miss that show. Might have to give The 100 a try over the summer.

  9. Hi Susan,

    Congrats on your book! Looks like summer will give you some wonderful writing time.

    Sadly, most of my childhood things are gone. I have a few china animals which I had collected as a kid, but that's about it. I have my "adult" kids collectables like my first edition HP books, which I ADORE, and many HP collectables I had picked up in the early 2000's. One day I may have my LIBRARY created so that I can display the hundreds of treasured books I've collected over the years as well as my HP stuff.

    Now I'm collecting HP art. Minalima prints that are awesome! I live part time in Orlando, so when they come into town for the CELEBRATION of HARRY POTTER, I can get them signed. I just ordered two more of their books, The little Mermaid and Peter Pan which they did the graphics on and I hope to get them signed next year. One must plan for these things. LOL

  10. My husband and I are working on the great garage clean-out which is taking a little longer than we expected. No toys in the garage, but lots of other stuff to get rid of. Hopefully we'll be done by Friday.

    The best thing I've found on TV this week is a Netflix original series to binge on: Wanted. It's set in Australia and features a couple of women on the run. Great pacing and tension, a few nice twists so far, and I love the two actresses. Not sure how they'll be able to carry the plot into more seasons, but there's already a season two available so I guess they've figured it out.

    Good news about your Survivor series. I hope to get a lot of writing done this summer and expect you do as well. Good luck!

  11. Good luck writing this summer! How exciting that you'll probably have a new book for your latest series completed by the end of it...

    And totally agree about purchasing books directly from the source, instead of Amazon. I try my best to do that whenever I can...

  12. I have watched almost no television lately, only Westworld on Sundays, which I love. You should make sure those old toys aren't worth some cash before you take them to the goodwill. The might be ebayable...

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  14. I still have all my son's GI Joe stuff in our basement - including his 5' long aircraft carrier. I keep wondering when it's all moving to his basement. (Did I mention my baby boy is 43?)