Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Back to School Sales

It's so tempting! All those sales ads from Office Max and Staples, rows and rows of school supplies at Walmart and even Borders has a back to school table. All those cheap notebooks, pens and pencils of every type and color and the folders are enough to overwhelm a poor writer's sensibilities.
Now I don't need any pencils. I have enough paper clips for my next reincarnation. I never use spiral notebooks. I only have two children left in school and they no longer need those really cool, mutlipocketed trappers. Pens tend to last me forever so I have enough to last me until some of them dry out. I already have a pair of colorful scissors in every room. Okay, I really do need some paper for the printer but there's no excuse for buying the 12 pack of legal pads. It's way too early to purchase a new date book. I know they'll be on sale when I really need to get one.
So what am I doing out cruising around the school supplies? What writer can resist? Post-it notes in every color and size. Sharpies for those envelopes. Of course, get those hand santizers from Bath and Body works. I might never use those pink highlighers but they are so cute. And I better get a new pencil holder to match the new letter trays I bought. I have those stacked so high on my desk I can hide from all views for complete privacy.
I know so many writers share my weakness. I really didn't need a single thing but somehow I ended up with two bags of supplies. I tell myself the deals were too good to pass up but really I probably could have waited for the same ones to come around next August. For now though, I have to rearrange my storage cabinet to fit in all those really clever tools of my trade.

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