Thursday, March 10, 2011

Something Old, Something New...

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.  I guess we've all heard that old saying and perhaps we followed the superstition for our own weddings.  I was thinking how my writing has been influenced by JRR Tolkien.

Something old in my fantasies is a common theme in the fantasy genre.  An old war re-ignited after centuries.  An old enemy awakens to once more create havoc on a population unprepared to meet that which they thought defeated.   

The new comes in with the causes of the war, the uniqueness of the enemy, and the world I create in which the battles will take place.  The personal and physical problems my protagonists must overcome have to be different enough to catch the interest of fantasy readers who have indulged in all the classic series.

I haven't borrowed Tolkien's plots or stories, but certainly my fantasy novels follow the pattern of most epic fantasy novels as set down by the master.  Good versus evil in a battle for the world.  Hero stepping forward from the ranks of common men to save the day. 

Every epic fantasy has battles and deadly confrontations.  A good story jerks at the heart strings and hopefully brings a tear.  As an author, I make sure there is something blue in my novels or in other words, 'someone is going to die.'  

I figured out as I wrote this post that I am married to my writing.  The hours I spend on it certainly put some truth to that idea.

Do you have an old saying you can compare your writing to? Do you make sure there's something blue in your stories?


  1. For lack of anything better I always say my stories are about: "Sex, sin, and the suburbs."

    Breakfast Every Hour

  2. Um, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it?"

  3. Oh, this is so true for fantasy novels! You have the perfect formula down!

  4. Tolkein is indeed the master! I love his work :)

    I've started reading The Keepers of Sulbreth (sadly work doesn't give me much time to read...) and I'm really enjoying it! You've created a vivid world with great characters :)

  5. Thanks, Jemi. I know what you mean about having enough time. Work has been time consuming for me too lately.

  6. Thanks, Susan. I had to delete that one post and start over. But wanted to thank you for being a part of my blog. Much appreciated.

  7. I like your saying and how you relate it to your novels. I'm like you, I love to add a blue element to the story. Something to motivate or spur the main character on.

  8. I prefer to think of my writing as an illicit affair. It definitely takes time away from my husband--and I certainly do enjoy it. ;-)

  9. Emm...ditch the dimwitty? In other words if it ain't working, ditch it!