Thursday, June 30, 2011

Elizabeth Mueller's Promo Tour

Would you like a chance to win some fabulous prizes and meet a special lady at the same time?  Do you want a chance to visit some new blogs and make new friends and followers? Do you want to learn more about the craft of writing at the same time?  Keep reading.

Join Elizabeth Mueller in her celebration the entire month of July for Darkspell’s release this fall!

The darkness sends his followers, the Watchers, to haunt Winter Sky, but Alex Stormhold battles to keep her safe from the prowling evil. Rather than being dragged into the dark's destruction, Elizabeth Mueller will provide a way for you to protect yourselves.

These are the *talismans that you could win:

Nox Arcana's Shadow of the Raven for the FIRST WEEK

Canvas Wall Scroll Tapestry: 12"X 17" for the SECOND WEEK

Dragons Sculpture Bookends: 4"X5"X8" for the THIRD WEEK

My favorite: 13" tall. Dark Shadows Lamp for the FOURTH WEEK

Here's how to enter so you can avoid the Shadoweaver's clutches:

It is your charge to haunt the resident bloggers--listed below--that are hosting Elizabeth Mueller for the week. Go here to answer the questions posted into the contact form every Saturday:



♥ Each correct answer will equal one entry.

♥ Every comment in the blogger's post will equal one entry.

♥ Every follower on Elizabeth Mueller's blog will have 2 entries: a must to qualify for 2 entries: please let her know that you're following her!



She will announce the winner Sunday evening on her blog!

Do you see Mr. Ole Dark Shadows Lamp there? He likes to pretend that he's the venomous Shadoweaver who seeks Winter. Could it be because he looks so much like him?

Elizabeth will enter every person who dares to display his blog button. Just cut and paste the html code from her grab button on her sidebar to your sidebar for a second chance at the lamp.

♥ In order to qualify, you MUST leave comment in this post with your blog address stating that you've posted the button to your sidebar to make it easier for the Watchers to seek it out.

In other words, Elizabeth is giving 2 lamps away!

Enter the daring bloggers:

**July 1 Sue Roebuck
July 4 Charlene Wilson
July 5 S. B. Niccum
July 7 Roland Yeomans
July 8 Deirdra Coppel
July 11 Alex J. Cavanaugh
July 12 M. S. Hatch
July 13 Tristi Pinkston
July 14 Susan Gourley
July 18 Jo Schaffer
July 19 Konstanz Silverbow
July 20 Melissa Kline
July 23 Lisa Turner
July 25 J. D. Brown
July 27 & 28 Anastasia V. Pergakis
July 29 Michele Bell
July 30 Rebecca Carlson

*this is all make-believe in the spirit of my debut novel, nothing has been placed under any kind of spells and the Shadoweaver lives within the boundaries of Darkspell.

** first official Contest Saturday starts July 9th!


  1. Looking forward to Elizabeth's tour!

  2. Go, Elizabeth! All the best on the debut of her book. I'll be popping around the blogs to find out more about it.

  3. Elizabeth has a great lineup of blogs to visit. It should be great.

  4. I'm always amazed at the detail people put into statues, paintings, candles, even bongs (can I say that here?) of their fantasy creatures.

    I saw a guy at a swap meet painting these awesome images using airbrushes and common household items like round paper towel holders and flat pieces of card board from cereal boxes. And he blasted Metallica and such. It was quite a show. He sold everything as soon as he made it.