Sunday, August 12, 2012

Not So Fun, But Getting Lots Done

Wow, has the past week been productive. My niece designed a great cover for Book #3 in The Futhark Chronicles. I have the edits done on Beneath the Mountain. I intend to have it Amazon and Smashwords before the end of the month.
Original Art work
Gayle Bower

I participated in two blog fests and met some great bloggers as well as visited lots of old friends.

I sent a query to my romance publisher, New Concepts today for the 81K futuristic romance I finished a few days ago. Yesterday I polished up my synopsis for it.

Today I'll be working on my blurbs for Stephen Tremp's blurb critiquing exercise on Wednesday. I need three of those pesky things by the end of them month. I had to send one in for First Dragon already but I know I can improve it with a little help from my blog friends.

On the home front, I'm almost done crocheting my daughter's college blanket. I made one for all my boys and they still use them on their beds. This one has taken me a long time because I had so much writing to do.

Then just to make sure I sit around to write and crochet, I had some knee surgery last Friday. I may have mentioned how hard I've been working out for the last year. About a month ago, those downhills started to really hurt my knee. Doc cleaned it out for me so I'm limping around, trying to stay off of it so it heals. Perfect excuse to sit, write, read and crochet.

So what's the best excuse you ever had to sit still and work on a project? Are you participating in some of the cool blog fests going around? Is everyone at your house ready for the start of school?


  1. Making a lot of progress, Susan! Being forced to relax helps, doesn't it? My best excuse - I just don't feel like doing anything else!

  2. I've been doing Camp NaNo Wri Mo. That'll keep you in your seat, too.

    Hope your is all better.


  3. Awww hope your knee is better soon, my best excuse for sitting still is my back, when it is bad, I don't get much choice but to sit still, so leaves plenty of time to work lol

  4. I hope you're knee is back in working order soon!

    The time I pinched my sciatic nerve was the best excuse I had to sit and write.

    I'm still working on the back to school stuff. Sigh, once they're back in school though, I should be able to get some writing done. Famous final words.

  5. Here is to a fast recovery and lots of Happy Writing.

  6. Thanks for all the well wishing. I am getting a lot done since I don't feel guilty for sitting around.

  7. I use the time in the evenings watching movies to work on projects like crocheting. Also, I feel I've earned a "sit-down" activity after working out at the gym. Good luck and Enjoy!

  8. way to use your forced down time to be productive!! like making lemonade, right?! congrats to on your!!! hope that knee feels better soon.
    good luck to the college kids!!

  9. Hope the knee is on the mend, but what a great excuse to stop and focus! :-)

  10. My excuse - I'm contemplating the mysteries of the universe. Works ever time :)