Monday, January 7, 2013

First Monday Health Tip

Life is about balance, getting right amounts of what you need. Offsetting the good with the bad can help keep you in balance.

Writing, sitting at a desk, can be bad for your health. Hours and hours on your behind not only may add pounds, but it isn't so good for your heart and all those other health issues associated with a sedentary lifestyle. Add to the mix all the hours that writers spend reading, and you have more time on the tush and fewer working those big calorie burning, heart pumping tools found in the big muscles in your thighs and buttocks.

Winter joins in the conspiracy to keep you inside, sipping some hot chocolate and reading by the fireplace. But movement is required for good health so how does a busy writer get that done? Here's something on my wish list though not necessarily this model. There are lots of choices.

Can you see yourself getting some work done while walking on your treadmill. Check out this TrekDesk. At this point, since I don't have a desk on my treadmill, I usually watch a movie or listen to my iPod. But a few days ago, I played some games on my phone and found it very entertaining for 50 sweaty minutes. Couldn't I also do some promotion on social media while walking on the treadmill. Could I type and walk at the same time? I think I'd like to try it out before I purchased it just to see if I could.

I don't own an elliptical but I've read while on one at work. Didn't really like. My brother recommends his stationary recumbent bike. Here's some good prices on Hayneedle.  I know I could get work down while on one of those.

So do you have ideas of how you can work out and write or work on promotion while you exercise? Or would you rather just completely separate the two? If you can't workout outside, what is your favorite cardio workout indoors?


  1. That TrekDesk would be a wild investment! I just started yoga this weekend. Granted, it's baby steps at best due to health issues but it's better than being stationary all the time.

  2. We've given serious thought to a treadmill lately. The problem is they cost so dang much. Well, if tax returns don't go bonkers this year, we might be able to consider one, cause I'm not running in 6 degree weather. Great tip, Susan! :)

  3. I have a tread desk! I bought the tread and then added a high desk from Ikea. It's good for mindless activities, but a bit harder to work on when you are actually thinking. (Well, for me, anyway.)

  4. I have a treadmill and usually I'm reading, Scrabbling, or watching a movie on my tablet. (Really hard to read when running, so that's when I watch a movie. I'm halfway through Madagascar 3 right now.)

  5. I hit the gym several times a week since my day job involves me sitting at a desk as well.

  6. I would try things out at the gym before buying them for home. I can't read or write while pedaling. I do have an incumbent stationary bike. It's way better for me than a regular one.

  7. Yoga is so good for you, Elsie. Have fun with it.
    I hate running outside in the cold too, David.
    I'm jealous of you, Betty. I wonder if you use it much.
    Alex, the gym is one of those things I've promised myself when I retire.
    Hey, Tonja, I've heard those recumbant bikes are better for some orthopedic conditions.

  8. I just like to be in the moment of my workout. I don't want to write or have to do my bills while I'm jogging.

    But for me, I frickin' love jogging. It's my mediation.

    Happy Health Monday :-)

  9. I separate the two. I use my Wii Fit to do yoga, strength training and aerobics. I'd love to have an elliptical though.

  10. I've tried to type and run on the treadmill but it doesn't work for me, so I listen to podcasts instead. A trekdesk sounds pretty funky though.


  11. I had to sell my elliptical because my knees just couldn't do it anymore. I do like walking outdoors best, but that desk looks awesome!