Friday, January 11, 2013

To Do List

I've spent the last ten days working on a to do list. Every time I check something off, I seem to add three more things to replace it. Lots of these things are like a housekeeping list for my writing life and not so much setting goals. I'm getting around to the goal thing, but not yet.

Housekeeping involves some things such as:

* Adding up tax info for my husband to do the taxes. Not that I'm making big money or taking big deductions, but it still has to be done.

* I spent an entire afternoon changing all my email addresses I use to sign in at various sites, personal and professional, to my gmail address. I had been using the gmail and two different verizon addresses. All gmail now. You never know when you might change internet providers and then I'll want to be rid of those Verizon accounts.

* I schedule a number of guests on this blog for the next few months. I want to help them with their promotion and hopefully they'll return the favor.

* I've been investigating security programs for my computers. I need to renew my Norton or buy something else today. Haven't decided yet.

* I'm working with my niece, my intrepid cover artist for the fourth and final book in The Futhark Chronicles series. It's with my editor now. Love that Gina.

* I'm catching up on some writing articles and magazines I have stacked on my desk. I'm always looking for something that will make me a better writer.

* I'm also getting back into the swing of blogging three times per week and visiting more blogs everyday.

So my desk looks a little neater. Now if only blogger would fix itself so I can upload pictures. I have my new camera and all these pictures I took to use here, and blogger is being difficult.

So what housecleaning chores did you have to do lately for your writing business? Any security program you recommend over the others? Do you use numerous email addresses?


  1. Thanks for the reminder about email addresses. I signed up for a gmail but haven't changed everything over - I need to start doing that now :)

  2. I think I still sign in to Facebook with an email that doesn't exist any more. Better change that - it's because I hardly use Facebook!

  3. I'm sorry you and a few others continue to have problems with images. Mine posted just fine today.

  4. We use Norton because the husband insists, but I've heard Kaspersky is good.

    I need to gather my tax info too. Oy.

  5. Oh, no. You just reminded me what's on my agenda for tomorrow (serious cleaning, both hardware and software). I used to have numerous email addresses, but now I just have two - one for business, one for family and close friends. Much more manageable that way. :)

  6. Sounds like you really are cleaning house! I just got my website and email address changed over to the new hosting. Still having some trouble with one page. Hopefully I'll get it figured out soon.

    Good luck with uploading pictures!

  7. I started using the post-it notes built into my operating system. I have one for each person in my family so I can rememember to remind them what they need to do. *sigh*

    My husband does IT security. We switched from McAfee to Security Essentials - I think it's built into Windows and is free. It works very well. Email me if you want the details.

  8. I'm on a Mac so I use Trend Micro Smart and on my desktop I use Norton IS. I have several email addresses but that's to keep me organized and one is strictly for spam.

    Ugh, taxes. Already?

    Good luck!!

  9. Not to zero in on one sentence of your post but I'm glad to hear someone else is having problems uploading photos to Blogger. I haven't been able to for a week using Internet Explorer (my default browser) but if I switch to Mozilla Firefox (my backup browser), it works fine.

  10. I've been going through all of my stuff because we'll be moving to Washington from Alaska in the summer. My kids are out on their own and it will just be me and hubby and kitties. So we're downsizing by a lot.
    Don't know if anyone mentioned it, but I use Avast! for my antivirus. It is free and by far the best out there. Norton's seems to conflict with too many Windows programs and other programs I have so it bogs down my computer a lot.
    As for email, I have always had a Yahoo! account, but switched to Gmail because it isn't as easily compromised as Yahoo. Seems Yahoo gets hacked every other day.
    Good luck getting taxes done and hopefully blogger will work out a lot of their kinks. I can't view my reading list to manage it half the time and it keeps telling me I am following my limit.

  11. That's a pretty big to do list! Yet it's good to get all those things done. I've been doing a little online tidying too. I use to have a bunch of email addresses, but I've condensed them all to one now.

  12. We had CA Security Suite for a while which messed things up for months, then went back to McAfee.

    I have four email addresses--two Gmail (one for blog and one for my other website the Eagle Directory), one from the ISP, and one for the Directory site.

  13. Just my housework & my son's room. Now he's all grown-up he's moved out and is now living with his girlfriend, so my main focus has been on my novel.

    I've had problems with uploading my picture and have gone back to using HTML look on the left hand side of posting box and click on HTML upload your picture there the click on compose once you've finished

  14. Blogger's been a bugger for me too, as far as photos.
    Excellent idea to use an email address not specific to a provider.
    I'm always happy to host, and be hosted, as well. :)

  15. hmmm you made me remember that i desperately need to clean out my email--nice list :)