Monday, February 9, 2009

Do, Did, Done

No, I'm not lecturing on proper use of verbs and their tenses. I'm thinking about the stack on my desk. Yes, I procrastinated a little last Friday and cleaned up my two desks. Yes, my writing mess spread like fog rolling down off a mountain in springtime and I needed to get another desk. Now I have two, set at angles to each other. I keep one relatively clear with space for my alphasmart, my laptop, my day planner, my notebook bible of my current WIP, and a small stack of things I need to do. Today. Soon. In the next few days. Never mind what the other desk holds. I feel good when I can see any of the wood surface.
So, let's get back to that little pile of things that call for attention sooner rather than later. A few are handwritten notes of blogs or websites I want to visit. A few are notes from the recent CPRW meeting(my local chapter of RWA). Some of those are notes within notes. I should have taken care of at least one of these last night. Sigh...
Another little stack are things I've run off hard copies of or clipped from a writer's publication.(You really can't save all those publications) Some of these clippings are promotional opportunites or perhaps market news of what editor switched to what house.
Though they don't belong in the urgent pile, there are also a few notes or clipped advertisements for books I want to read. Some are new authors so I have to keep it right in front of me or I will forget.
I put this stack right in the middle of my desk. I have to push it aside to center my laptop. It covers my coaster where I set my cup of tea. Seriously, it is in the way. So I should get to it, but I'm going to finish this post first. Then I'm going to write that next scene in my WIP because I know exactly what needs to happen. And then if it's not too late, I'm going to take care of at least two things on that stack.
How do you keep your urgent file in front of you? I used to make lists, but now I just keep all my little scraps. And if you're one of those people who don't put things off, go ahead and rub it in.

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