Sunday, February 15, 2009

Favorite Drink While Writing

I like coffee with my writing when it's light out. Any coffee will do but lately I've had to turn to heavily disguised ice coffee. After over thirty years of coffee abuse, my stomach has said 'no more' to that lovely, aromatic black fluid. I've tried every brand of java that promises mild on your stomach to no avail. So I'm stuck with the stuff watered down with cream and sugars. Sign....
After dark and into the wee hours, I change my drinks to wine or my very favorite, Disaronno amaretto on the rocks. I fine, caramel like sipping liqueur from Italy. Ahh...
So what do you have sitting on the corner of your writing desk. Something to pump you up with caffeine or mellow you out with alcohol?


  1. I drink coffee until about noon or one. (Except not the past few days, or tomorrow morning, because my coffee pot died and I didn't get time to go get a new one this weekend!)After that I switch to water and diet soda - trying to drink more water than soda - some days it works, others...not so much. the end of some days I prefer a diet soda with Captain Morgans, (caffiene and mellow at the same time) or a beer, or a glass of pinot grigio.

  2. I'd like to say that I drink iced water, but it wouldn't be true. At the moment, there is a creamy, sugared coffee beside me.

    However, later on, it will be a tea, or perhaps plain hot water.

  3. I've never acquired a taste for coffee or tea. I drink some form of diet cola during the day. My favorite, and sitting beside me as I type right now, is diet wild cherry Pepsi. Then late at night it's water. Pretty boring. Sad, but true. :)

  4. Every morning I have a giant mug of tea--black tea, steeped very strong, with lots of fat free half and half and quite sweet, with real sugar. My mother always told me that's very British. :)

    I like to mix it up with a mocha latte once in a while. I don't drink any coffee other than that.

    Rest of the day, it's mostly water, but at night I like a hot cocoa with a splash of kahlua, and if I'm out of that rum, and if I'm out of get the picture. :)