Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I accomplished one of my goals for this week. I had to share the picture. I really do love to cross-stitch but it has taken a second place to my writing. I've been working on this particular project for nearly two years. Now I did cross-stitch a few book markers during the same time. And I crocheted two afghans also.

Right now, my crafting project is an afghan for my son starting Penn State in the fall. I made one for all my kids in their college colors when they left home. Something of mom to keep them warm on a cold winter's night. LOL.

So here's my cross-stitch, the protector of small children fairy.


  1. Hi Susan
    That's beautiful..
    I know what you mean about it taking a long time.. I too have been working years on the same project - mine is a fairie on a tree branch.


  2. Those fairies are very complicated little creatures. Actually it was the sleeves and ruffles on the dress that almost did me in.

  3. Congratulations, Susan! I agree with Nicole - it's beautiful.

    Where do you get your patterns? Ironically, I was in the mood to revive my cross-stitch habit a week or so ago, but could not find my old materials, and am not sure where I even used to buy things!

  4. Thanks, Lisa. I found this pattern in a book I bought at Michael's craft store. It has six lovely fairy patterns. If only I had the time...