Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Weak Week

I'm not getting much done on my writing this week, but I did get that wallpaper removed last week as I promised myself I would. And it was even worse than I'd feared. Twenty hours of frustrating work revealed a wall that should never have been exposed to the light of day. Read more about how that experience related to my writing life at this blog post. Fortunately, my husband does commercial and residential painting. Using a many step process, he somehow made those walls look like a new room. Still with all the help I've been giving him, I haven't done much writing. I'm about 10K into rewrites on Tiger's Mate, but I'm so tired in the evenings I can't seem to get much done.
And (my next excuse) my children's softball and baseball seasons are coming to a close and taking up a lot of time. They have been exciting games though.
I'm using the same excuse for not getting my website updated. I did work out though. My daughter helps me keep at that as she works out in anticipation of the fall field hockey season.
Vacation plans are looking more and more unlikely to come together as the summer progresses. If you want to know how the state budge impasse affects people like, I have two sons in college this fall and their tuition is going up. No one knows how much yet, but Penn State isn't getting any money apparently and it could be up to a 10% increase in tuition. There goes summer vacation for us. The college has to send their bills out this week at the latest so they're guessing how much they need to increase since they don't know what they're getting from the state. They're guessing at the upper end of needed increase. No surprise.
So I better get back to writing. Even my little bit of writing income is needed to help this year. If only that movie deal would come through. LOL


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't seem to made much progress this week.

    Maybe we should have a mantra to keep us going... I must write more, I must write more ;-)

    Sorry to hear no movie deal for you, my fingers are cross for next week, don't give up hope, Susan

  2. Okay let's try this. I must write more, I must write more, I must write...
    Thanks for the encouragement and still hoping the movie things come through.

  3. That doesn't sound weak, sounds like life. We've had a big dose of that at Casa de Quinn (or Chez Quinn for any French Canadian fans). Keep plugging and writing (and Ill do the same)!