Sunday, January 24, 2010

Love Coffee Time

Not only do I love to drink that dark brew with all its healthy benefits, I love the review site, Coffee Time Romance. They gave me my first review ever for my first romance novel, The Greater Good.

The Greater Good is the first book in The Chronicles of Solonia. The Lesser Evil and A Ruthless Good followed that first book and this past December I ended the series with One Good Woman. And this week Coffee Time Romance blessed the book with a five cup rating of excellence.

It's sad to end a series I've loved and especially this one. The idea behind this series was the nagging need that drove me to try my hand at writing. Thank you, New Concepts, for believing in me and all the readers who bought the books and proved their faith.

Thank you, Coffee Time, for the wonderful words and support. And thank you, Lotoya, for your excellent review.

Is Coffee Time a place you go to read reviews? If not there, what sites or sources do you visit to check out a book before you invest?


  1. I used to get good recommendations from friends. Now I seem to hear about more good books than I could possibly read from other bloggers.

    Straight From Hel

  2. I know what you mean, Helen. I keep a notepad by my side to list all the books other bloggers recommend. It's so long...

  3. Great review, Sue! More wonderful news!