Monday, January 18, 2010

Ten Things

I realized today I forgot to share ten things about me when I was thanking Helen Ginger for honoring me with the One Lovely Blog award. I'm not sure my life is so interesting but here goes.

1. I am one of 7 children and now have 6 of my own. I love a crowd at Thanksgiving.

2. I coached my third son's little league team and those boys still call me coach even though they're freshmen in college now.

3. I grew up on a dairy farm and often rose at 4:00 AM many days to milk the cows.

4. One of my very favorite hobbies is doing jigsaw puzzles, the tougher the better.

5. I bake bread at least once per week. I'm always experimenting with different ingredients.

6. I've been a high school teacher for nearly 30 years. Yes, I'm counting the days until I retire.

7. I keep my fingernails cut very short because I can't type with nails.

8. My favorite candy is swedish fish. (I don't care that much for chocolate.)

9. My grandfather was a bootlegger during prohibition.

10. I have a sister who lives in Forks, WA.

Sometimes writers only share things with each other about the craft and our careers. So now you all know a little bit more about me. Nothing worth blackmailing me for.


  1. Great list! What in the world are swedish fish??

  2. LOL. Swedish fish are little red gummy fish. Very very yummy and all sugar.

  3. I love that those little leaguers still call you coach, cuz. I call you cuz because my grandfather was a bootlegger too. Oh, the stories he told!

    Straight From Hel

  4. I'll call you, cuz, too, Helen. My dad and uncles had endless tales about my grandfather. I remember the policeman who did my driver's test knew my grandpa and had much admiration for the old outlaw.