Friday, March 12, 2010

May the Sun Shine on My Friends

I've been the lucky beneficiary of some blog awards from my friends. Some of these wonderful people I only know from our communications online and some are fellow writers belonging to the same writers groups as I do.

Let me put a plug in here for CPRW, my local RWA group. We meet once a month to share knowledge, encourage each other and laugh a lot. The Susquehanna Writers is a sub-group within Pennwriters. Cate Masters glues us together on our blog and honored me with this latest blog award.

Now before you say, enough already with the blog awards, remember how they help link us all together, bring new readers to your blog and remind us to visit our colleagues online often.

The Sunshine Award is perfect for the northeast this weekend since we're supposed to have heavy rain on Saturday and a chance of flooding. Keep the warmth going, think spring and use the rainy days to write and read. If you receive the award, no need to make up funky lies or confess outrageous truths. Just pass it on to up to 12 fellow bloggers.

Vicky Burkholder- she better save a copy of her new release for me

Vicki Smith- she has a very entertaining life

Ava Quinn- I know what she'll be up to when the sun returns

Megan Hart- My daughter tells me Megan looks like a writer and I only look like a mom.

Natalie Damschroder-my 'go to' girl. If you know you know what I mean.

Jemi Fraser- she always has something interesting to say. Where does she find time?

Jarmara Falconer - I hope it doesn't lighten up her dark words too much.

No hurry friends to pass this on but I look forward to seeing who you give it too. I find most of my blog friends through links on other bloggers' pages.


  1. What does a writer look like? Is that a nice way of saying -- wacky?

  2. Creative? Artistic? Not like her boring mom?

  3. Thanks, Sue! That was really nice!

    Unfortunately I won't be riding my motorcycle when the sun returns until I can buy and install a new battery in it. The rain has thwarted me on that front for the past few days. And it's killing me!

    I'm making plans to amass my sea monkey army and wreak havoc on the surrounding unsuspecting populace. Remember your code phrase for us to pass you by!