Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Write Faster!

What really gets the engine fired up for a writer? A new contract, the light at the end of a book, a new contract? For me a lot of different things will keep my butt in the chair and fingers on the keyboard.

Last week it was receiving the new cover for my second book in my fantasy series, The Futhark Chronicles. You already heard me squeal about Beyond the Gate. Then I received an unexpected royalty check. Is anything better than that?

Then a member of CPRW, shout out to Joyce, had a great period of writing. Later another member, Elizabeth, had her first sale of a short story. They inspire me.

Today I finally received my print copies of the fourth book in The Chronicles of Solonia, One Good Woman. I've been waiting forever for those to arrive.

All these things, including the light at the end of a book, have kept my word count adding up. One of my students at school told me her mom bought my book and she asked me if I would sign it if she brought it in to school. So I've been writing faster. I have until Saturday to reach my month's goal of 35,000 words. I'm close but I've needed all those little nudges from my colleagues and the mail.

Do you set goals and make them public? Do you usually reach them? What inspires you to write faster?


  1. Deadline inspire me to write faster. I don't announce them, though. It's enough for me to know and feel the pressure.

    Straight From Hel

  2. Lots of different things inspire me. It just depends on where I'm at in the book.
    As of Sunday, I needed 21,000 words to meet my cprw goal. Now I'm sitting on 5800 and I'm sure I'll get there!

    Oh, and I nominated you to do the lying blog thing!

  3. Well done for new cover....WOW!
    and for hitting your target.

    Good luck with writing faster too.

  4. It's nice to hear what keeps everyone going. And I love my cover too, Jarmara.

  5. Goals would help me focus better. I should try it! :)
    I gave your blog an award! Come to to find out which one.

  6. Setting goals really motivates me although I have many different reasons for setting them. Thanks for the award, Cate.

  7. Making public announcement terrifies the bejeepers out of me! So no, not for me :)


  8. It used to worry me also but now it keeps me at the keyboard.