Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Characters At Susquehanna Writers

Thanks for visiting me at Alex Cavanaugh's blog yesterday.  Today I'll be appearing on The Susquehanna Writers blog where I'll be discussing character. 
The first book in my fantasy series, The Keepers of Sulbreth, received much praise from reviewers for the depth and complexity of the characters.  Beyond the Gate, book #2 in The Futhark Chronicles, will expose even greater insights in the lead characters and those who surround them.  I would love your comments on characters and what you do to make them compelling for readers. Stop over at Susquehanna Writers today.


  1. Happy to host you, Susan! Comments will continue, as the post will be featured until tomorrow morning. Thanks again for enlightening my readers!

  2. You're just all over this place this week. I'll look for you over there.

  3. Thanks, Linda. I'll be checking in, Alex.