Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Week That Was

The first week of my blog tour celebrating the release of book #2 in The Futhark Chronicles, Beyond the Gate has been a blast. I hope you had a chance to join me on some of my stops around the blogosphere.

On Monday I visited Alex Cavanaugh with a short post about world building. You can still check it out here.

Tuesday I visited The Susquehanna Writers group blog and shared a brief opinion on creating interesting characters. Add your take here.

Wednesday found me guesting at Jon Sprunk's blog, Fear of the Dark, where I shared some secrets on how I name those unique characters I create. You can find some great ideas visitors shared with their comments right here.

Thursday Megan Hart interviewed me on her blog. She's a very funny, creative writer and you can tell by the questions she asked. Read her quirky interview here.

I finished Friday on my blog with some advice on getting past a rough spot. You can still comment.

Blog tours are meant to promote a book but on my tour I'm trying to share some of what I've learned and start discussions on said subjects. There have been so many clever comments I think I've learned more than the visitors to my posts. Thank you to everyone.

My tour will continue into the beginning of next week. More on that tomorrow. I've made this my first ever blog tour a short one of only nine stops. I wasn't sure if I could handle the time demands of a longer one. I only had a few days of stress but for the most part I handled it with ease. If I do another one it will be during the summer months when I'm not teaching.

How much time do you spend on social networking? How many blogs do you visit each day? Do you consider the time well-spent?


  1. Happy to host you this week, Susan!
    How much time do I spend blogging? Two to four hours. And yes, it's time well spent. I learn so much!

  2. I've been spending about two, Alex, and I feel a little guilty that I should be writing. But it's fun and like you said, educational.

  3. I've never done a blog tour, but have been a host on many. It seems like a lot of work before hand and during! I think you were smart to keep it to 9 days.

  4. It worked best for me, Helen. I might try another one in the summer when I'm not teaching.

  5. During the week I try to limit myself to about 2 hours. I'm not usually home from my day job until after 6p. But between posting my own stuff and visiting others, I'm sure I spend way more time than that. It is time well spent, but sometimes I have to leave the computer off. I'd rather blog than write . .

    I'll have to catch up on your tour sites. The topics are very interesting.