Monday, January 10, 2011

Follow Me to Alex's Place

Today I'm appearing at Alex Cavanaugh's blog today.  I'm discussing world-building.  The topic could actually make a book and I've only brushed the surface with a few points.  There is so much to creating a fantasy world different from good old Earth.  I'll appreciate your comments on how you build a world for your writing.
Of course I'll use details from my newest release, Beyond the Gate, as examples in my post.  After all, the purpose of a blog tour is to call attention to my work.  Hopefully you check it out further right here.
Tomorrow I'll be talking about character development and giving them depth over on The Susquehanna Writers' blog. 
So please hop on over to Alex's place.


  1. You given us an excellent guest post, Susan. Apart from a half finished sci-fi story set on another, as yet, unnamed world, I've never had to consider a lot of the points you have made. I shall certainly remember your advice though!

  2. Thanks Ellie and Chris for stopping by and bouncing over to Alex's blog.