Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Back to Work

The appliance repairman saved us.  With my boys home from college for the summer, we have six people filling the clothes hampers.  The very nice and efficient repairman took care of my washer problems in less than thirty minutes.  Somehow one of my headbands floated where it had no right to be and got stuck in the pump.  He took care of it though the headband didn't survive. It was my favorite one.  Still a small price to pay for getting the washer running.

And I took the laptop to the repair place.  They're going to call me in 3-5 days with a diagonisis.  Even if they can't fix it, they're sure they can save my data.  The helpful man who took my information said because I had a black screen instead of a blue screen, it might not be a crash but a virus.  Little beasties. I have a security program I paid good money for and I'm going to be unhappy if it failed me.

Still the blogging is going okay on the desktop and I'm working on another project off a zip drive so I'm not completely stalled out. 

If my cheap laptop isn't worth fixing, I'm thinking of what I'll replace it with.  Financially, I hoped to make it last one more year and then replace it with a MAC.  The repair shop had used MAC's for sale.  My first laptop was a MAC and I've wanted another one but the cost is prohibitive for me.

Are you a PC or a MAC?  How about some pros and cons for both?


  1. I have a PC, the rest of my family have Macs. I have of course disowned them.

    Moody Writing

  2. I'm a PC. My significant other once told me he'd divorce me if I bought a MAC. I, of course, then reminded him he'd have to marry me first (and good luck with that).

    But really, I find I prefer PC over MAC. I've played around with the MACs at the Apple Store and I just like my PCs better.

    So, so glad your washer was an easy fix. Here's hoping for similar luck with your laptop. Unless you want an excuse to replace it, that is...

  3. We have a pc and a mac. I like both, and find the mac has certain advanced capabilities that are useful, but for the bulk of my straightforward writing, I like the pc.

  4. I use a PC (it's my mom's) for everything--I've use a Mac a few times, but I would still go with a PC.

  5. Always beware the blue screen of death!
    PC all the way. (Even though I dig my Apple iPad.) More programs available and more machine options - only one company makes the MAC while hundreds make PCs.

  6. Hope it's not too much money to fix. Glad to see you're still working though. Go you. Rah.

  7. Thankfully we've never had one crash so bad my husband couldn't revive it. Of course our computers are never allowed to age to the point of crashing - my husband likes a new computer every two years ago.

  8. Sounds like the writer in all of us prefers the PC. I'm still hoping to get the old faithful laptop fixed. I had black screen not the blue screen of death. Viral maybe instead of crash and burn.

  9. Good to hear that the washer was fixed. I'm still toying with the idea of getting a Mac since my laptop died, and the only thing that's stopping me is the price. I might settle for a higher spec desktop instead.