Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Large parts of the country are suffering from devastating droughts causing irreversible damage to this years' crop of fruits and vegetables.  Here in the northeast USA we had way too much rain in the spring but the last two weeks have been rather dry. I'm doing some watering nearly every day to help my plants survive though I'm leaving the poor lawn on its own.  I'm doing the minimum of care needed to keep my greenery alive during this minnie drought.

Writers sometimes enter droughts also.  Sometimes the muse abandons them or perhaps the world sticks its relentless turning into the time a writer sets aside to be creative.  Hopefully the drought lasts only a short time


  1. Here in Southern CA we are under drought watch all the time! Conserving water is a way of life here.

  2. We started to catch up on rain, but now we're in a heat wave.

  3. Our weather here is all over the place. Now that I'm looking at it, my writing is running the same way. Ouch!