Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fix It and Forget It

I really enjoy blogging though I've had trouble commenting on some of my favorite blogs while I'm working on the old desktop. Blogger keeps insisting I have to sign in over and over again on any blogs that require verification letters.

I try to prepare the blogs for an entire week ahead of time, usually on Saturday or Sunday, and then schedule them.  Each day then I can spend time visiting other blogs and not worry about creating posts for my own.  I don't always get the entire week ready, especially if I have an event occurring I will want to post about.  But I do love when I have three or four blogs all ready to go.  It reminds me of my beloved crockpot. I fix them up and then forget them until the hour they're cooked and ready to consume.

Do you prepare multiple blog posts ahead of time? Do you use a verification code on your blog?


  1. Blogger has been wonky for awhile now. But if I sign in once at my blog first, I'm able to comment elsewhere without a problem.

    Hope you have a groovy day.

  2. I always intend to prepare multiple posts ahead of time. I just never quite get around to it.

    I never get around to using my crockpot either.

  3. I write them as and when. I try to tie them in to the aspect of writing though sometimes something may catch my interest.

    I'm sorry to hear you have been having a lot of problems with your blog.

    Happy it sort itself out soon

  4. I'm a total pantser in my novel writing and my blog posts. Usually I write them the night before or even the morning I post them. Maybe I'm more procrastinator than pantser. :)

  5. I find I can't write too far in advance. I don't really know why.

    Comment verification is hideous. I don't use it because I think it slows my commenters down. Spam rarely gets through anyway.

  6. No word verification on my blog! I usually compose my posts a couple days in advance, but usually one at a time. Unless I have a guest or scheduled event, I like to leave it open for whatever might hit me.

  7. I used to plan ahead when I followed a blog schedule. But now I just blog when I want, so I don't plan ahead.

    I don't use word verification because it annoys me. But it doesn't annoy me as much as blogs that ask for my e-mail address to comment--I never comment on those blogs.

  8. I schedule most posts a week in advance. (Although Blogger likes to drop those posts into draft sometimes.) I've never used word verification, either.

  9. I just starting using my crockpot a lot in the last year. With everyone's busy schedule it has been a dinner saver a number of times.
    It's funny reading the comments. A few of you I figured had your blogs ready weeks ahead of time. I'm impressed with all the 'off the top of your head' bloggers out there. And you're all so good.

  10. I try to have my post ready a day ahead of time. I used to get more done, but it's too busy for me over the summer.

    Re: word verification
    Always. I hate having to ferret out spammers, and since using word verification I don't think I've had more than one successful spammer in over two years.

    I know it's annoying to some people, but it takes no time at all to type out a few letters.

  11. My posts just come to me in the spur of the moment, though there's sometimes when I'll schedule one ahead of time. Usually if I know I'll be away.

    I always word verify. Those Viagra ads are just too tempting for me. I'd go broke if I didn't weed them out! Just look at my collection of Ron Popeil roasters and pasta makers, Ginsu knives and Hawaii chairs collecting dust in my barn. ;p

  12. My intention is always to blog a week in advance, but that rarely happens. Instead I've limited myself to posting three times a week to give me time to think of things and prepare.