Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Floods, Weeds and Lawns

I don't usually have to search for reasons to procrastinate and this week Mother Nature provided all the opportunities to avoid the writing chair.

Central PA is on pace as one of the wettest years ever.  After receiving six inches of rain in a matter of hours a few days ago, our basement flooded for the second time this year.  It's rain every day since so the weeds and lawn are growing like a rabbit running before a greyhound. We can't keep up.  Tomorrow I'm going to use bleach to wash the basement floor again. I've almost chased out the odor.

I don't like complaining about the rain because so many people are having dry years.  But the clean up chores have been draining the energy I usually put into my writing including my blogging. I've been remiss in visiting and posting.  I'm behind in my edits.

I know real life interferes with all writers but June, July and now August seem to be ganging up on me. In a few weeks, days actually, I'll be back at the day job of teaching and my time will be even more limited.  I always set big goals for the summer months and consistently fall short. 

How have your recent goals been coming along? What recent events contributed to any procrastination issues you've been having?  And is it raining there?


  1. When I am looking for a chance to procrastinate, even my sock drawer becomes fascinating!

  2. I usually do some baking or rearrange the furniture.

  3. Sorry about your basement! I was hoping to start working on my next book by now, but my brain hasn't come up with a suitable plot line yet.

  4. Yeppers, we have rain here too, but I tell ya, I'm digging it. Feels like fall. The walnuts and leaves are coming down. It's cool outside. Just a nice nice afternoon to work at home.

    Are your summer goals too big?

  5. I'm sorry to hear about your basement!

    It was raining earlier; over the past few days it's been a bit on-and-off. No flooding, though.

  6. It's been very dry here, no rain for weeks and the grass is dead. But yesterday it started raining, finally.

    My dayjob and personal life have pulled higher priority lately than my writing, but that's all scheduled to clear up in a week or so and I'll be back to the writing.

    I hate falling short on my goals, and I usually set weekly ones but this week decided I was going to lose the battle and gave up. Next week I'll do the goal-setting again.

    Good luck getting yourself back on track, too.

  7. My goals have been coming along okay and that's about it. So I can't complain, all things considering. But I would like to pick up the pace a bit and get my MS finished.

  8. It always rains here :P Though I agree that these Summer months do my procrastination button no favours. Come on, September!

  9. I've been near a standstill.

    Crazy weather. One part of the country is wet, the other dust dry. In between the stock market tanks.

    We can't seem to catch a break.

  10. Now I understand the comment you left on my weed post. :o)
    Goals? The only thing close I've seen is goal posts at the stadium as drive by. I gave up when I started my affair with my lawn mower.

  11. It's dry here, but I don't guess we need your kind of rain. Then again I don't have a basement to worry about.

    Tossing It Out

  12. So sorry to hear you've been floored again. Send some of your rain over to us please and I'll give you some of our dry weather. It's not nice sunny weather either as it's been dull most days and a little on the cold side too.

  13. Oh so sorry to hear your basement flooded, Susan. We had a constant stream in our yard running downhill, but thankfully it stayed outside! But the grass had been so dry, it crunched, so we definitely needed the rain.
    Family obligations have taken priority for months. Much as I love them, my muse is getting more agitated by the day, lol