Wednesday, August 3, 2011

How Do I Get There?

More and more authors are investigating the self-publishing route.  I only know a few bare bones about it, but tomorrow I'll have a guest who really knows what she's doing.  Maria Zannini will be my guest expert tomorrow.  I hope you'll visit while she shares a timeline from idea to publication.  How long does it take to do all the preparation and then get that book up on Amazon?  Maria will tell us. You'll also get a look on the book she worked so hard to produce, The Devil to Pay.

Have you self-published? How long did it take you?


  1. Maria's posts are always great!
    There's no formula to self-pubbing. The stories I've self-pubbed have either been previously published (which require revision and new covers and book videos before re-release) or completely new, and those received even more rigorous revisions and preparation than other stories. Self-pubbed stories, I think, are more intensely scrutinized and maybe more harshly judged, so they need to be their best. Most of mine took more than a year to finalize all the details.

  2. Thanks for the input, Cate. I think you're right about the scrutiny. I'm reading a scifi book at the moment published by a big house and the head-hopping makes it very difficult to follow. It would never make it past our critique group.

  3. I'll try my best to come back tomorrow, Susan, but I'll be on the road. I'd love to read this post.