Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year: New Deal

One of my goals for 2012 is to do more promotion and I'm starting today.  To celebrate the release of the second book in my epic fantasy series, The Futhark Chronicles, I'm offering the first book at a bargain rate.

Today you can purchase The Keepers of Sulbreth for only $1.99 at all your favorite retailers including for Kindle and at Smashwords.  

I've followed closely the debate on the pricing of digital books. It's definitely an ongoing discussion and the decision are tough to make. Hopefully, I'm doing what's best for my career by making my first book more affordable.  The plan, of course, if that people will love the first book so much, they'll flock to get the second book.

Beyond the Gate, book #2, takes up the story of Marshal Cage Stone and Keeper Sabelline Shelton the moment after the first book ends.  Despite all the training and preparation the two soon face dangers and situations beyond anything they've been led to expect. Meanwhile King Jonared and the remaining Keepers and Marshals discover they have more enemies than their swords or diplomacy can handle. Even should Cage and Sabelline succeed in their quest, they may never be able to return to the lives and families they've left behind.  You can get Beyond the Gate at Smashwords and Kindle, soon at B&N.

Ebook pricing if going to be the center of controversy for a long time. I think the time will come when readers will not pay more than ten dollars or even less for a digital book even the author is someone well-known(more famous than me).

I've never paid more than $7.99 for an ebook.  What is the top price you would pay?


  1. I would expect to pay around about £5 for an eBook (depending on the author) since most paperbacks cost £7.99, I would hope the digital version would be cheaper due to less overheads.

    Indie and self published works are a bit different. On the one hand, the authors are less well-known and so a lower price would encourage me to take a chance on them. On the other, being less widely available, it makes sense to make them a bit more expensive due to low 'print runs' (or the digital equivalent). I think readers have a good deal getting your novels for $1.99 a piece!

  2. I'm fairly new to the ebook buying world, but I do love that they are a little cheaper to buy than a traditional book, but I'm led to believe there are less outlay costs involved.

    I think if I had to pay full whack for an ebook, I would be tempted to buy it in traditional format because, although I do love the ease of ebooks and how many I can carry around all at once, I love holding a traditional book.

    Wishing you lots of luck with these. I will look them up. Are they available in the UK store?

  3. I won't pay more than ten bucks for one now! Let me know when the second book is available so I can do a big shout-out for you on my blog.

  4. I bought my copies of both books yesterday. I really love the covers.

    The most I've ever paid for an eBook is (I think) $4.99. After that, I find myself looking for a hard copy.

  5. Thanks, Alex and MJ. Rebecca, they are in the Kindle UK store.
    I agree with you, Jamie, that the buyer should see reasonable savings since there's so little overhead costs to digital.

  6. Congrats on your book coming out!

    Me, I won't pay more then ten dollars for a book unless it's a text book of some kind. I think asking for more is ridiculous.

  7. I think your plan sounds wise--especially if the books go together. I have a trilogy not quite ready, but that I think about self-publishing and my thinking has been CHEAP (99 cents) on the first, then the others at $2.99 (or maybe when the 3rd is out, $1.99 for 2 and $2.99 for 3). If the writing and story are appealing, it should totally work. In fact a temporary FREE on the first when the others are available would be great.

  8. My husband pays more sometimes, but then, he reads some big names who have series, so they're not doing the publishing themselves and have to go with what the publishers puts as the price.

  9. I think the top I might pay is $10 for an eBook. Anything higher than that and I'd really hesitate. It's an interesting debate to follow, I've seen a lot about it lately.

  10. It amazes me who much readers are in agreement with the price range of ebooks but the big publishers still try to charge more. Can't they hear us or are they still making so much money they don't care.

  11. Hmm... I'd say my limit is $20, since that's about what I'd pay for a hard cover in a bookstore in my country.

    On the other hand, I'd only pay that much if I've been waiting for ages and couldn't find the book anywhere else.

  12. Congratulations on your release!

    I've never actually bought an e-book; almost all of my reading is still on paper. But I probably wouldn't pay more than around $15-$20.