Wednesday, April 25, 2012

V: Victory

V:  I hope victory will be yours soon.  Finishing the A to Z challenge is a grand victory and you should congratulate yourself. Perhaps you are finishing a book and are getting ready to search for publication. Perhaps your new book is out and now you're working on promotion to make it a bestseller. Victory is yours.

I've met writers who work for years on their manuscripts, polishing, rewriting, getting advice and yet never quite feeling ready to send it out into the world. They don't seem to want to take the next step and fight to get their story into the hands of readers. 

"In war, let your great objective be victory, not lengthy campaigns."  Sun Tzu

So go for victory.  Finish the book. Sell the book or publish it yourself. Promote the book. Rake in the rewards of your victory.

How long did it take you to write your first book? Do you know writers taking the long campaign path?


  1. ...but at what point is it fair to admit defeat, file your masterpiece, and move on? Still wrestling with that.

  2. If only I had you to say this to me every day!

    It is true, but in order to keep going it's important to celebrate every little victory along the way too, while keeping your eye on the ultimate goal.

  3. A great post for someone like me, working on my umpteenth revision.


  4. Uh, I'm not ready for victory. Maybe next year. :)

  5. it is too much like work--no seriously, i used to want to be published--but only do it right now for fun

  6. Technically, I'm still working on it. I may still be working on it until the day I die. Hard to say. That probably means I'm one of those writers you described who never feel ready to send it out in the world. Sad, but true.

    But I'm pretty sure I'll be able to finish the A to Z Challenge.

  7. I've usually been able to write one of my Atlantic City books in a few weeks, ever since I started writing them in November '91, when I was in the sixth grade. I can usually write one of my adult historical sagas in a few months on the computer now, and I took a bit over 8.5 years (over three major writing periods) to complete my first, superlong Russian novel. I've been working on my handwritten magnum opus, with not very many breaks, since September '93, and may finish it in 10-15 years, maybe sooner. Then comes transcription and editing the material from the earliest years, which needs a lot of work.

  8. you're so right about the challenge. It'll definitely feel like a victory once we finish. I can't wait for my victory party!


  9. It took me a year and a half to finish my first book--in contrast with the 3- and 2-month periods for my second and third books, respectively. I have yet to complete any novels this year.

    The Golden Eagle
    The Eagle's Aerial Perspective

  10. It took me two years to (re)write my first book. Ironically, only six months to write and edit the second one.

  11. Susan,
    Fitting post for me! "So go for victory. Finish the book. Sell the book..." I'm revising my first novel.

    The Write Soil
    1st Writes