Thursday, April 26, 2012

Whine Free--Wineful

W:  In this business, we all find occasion when whining is called for.  I can think of many examples.  A bad review, a rejection, slow sales, no sales!, an editor not of our liking and perhaps a cover we couldn't have imagined someone designing for our book.  Yeah, there are reasons to whine, but what does it gets us?

So we feel better when we get it off our chest? Maybe if the right person is listening.  But whining can also give someone a bad impression of you. It might paint you as someone difficult to please or work with. Your complaints might reach the ears of someone you didn't intend.  So if you want to whine, be careful who you vent to.  Online is never a good place to whine.

I whine to my husband and sometimes in person to a few writer friends.  I've suffered some disappointments in my writing career over the last year, but I mostly kept them to myself until I could share the bad news in a professional manner without the emotion I felt. 

The other wine can also help relieve the emotions behind an urge to whine. I prefer something white, though I never turn away the red either.  And I can always claim it's good for my heart too.

Have you occasion to whine recently? Have you found occasion to wine also?


  1. The red is supposed to be good for your heart! But I prefer the white. Mixing the red with a little cranberry juice or some other juice helps if the red is not to your liking. For Christmas, my son got me some 'Glogg' is a Scandinavian spiced...non alcoholic in this case....drink...with cloves and other spices, and it is very yummy and warming. Now I want some Glogg! And I don't have any. Will have to learn to make some myself. Good luck and keep least you are a writer and have broken into the field! That I have yet to do....just a few pages of a novel...I should try and finish

  2. Oh...and yes...I whine about not having enough money and not having a better job...but I should quit whining and start writing...before I get even older! It's okay to whine a little, I think..whining in moderation is okay, like wining in moderation is driving while whining

  3. Whining is cathartic for me, it's almost a process, but I try to limit it to my immediate family and close friends.

    I do like the idea of transferring my need to whine to drinking wine.(: I'll have to try that next time I feel blue.

  4. I do my best not to whine online.
    Now, would you like some cheese with your whine? (Sorry, I say that to my wife all the time. Usually works, because it's hard to whine when you're smiling.)

  5. I think I whine everyday to God. Then after I have thought about why I am whining, I get down to the business of praying.

    No wine--used to but now it hurts my head.

  6. Wine gives me a headache. Whining ups my blood pressure...and gives me a headache. Better to just keep writing.

  7. I try not to whine online too often because you're right— it's not a good place to do it.

    I try to avoid the other wine entirely. I'm too much of a lightweight.

  8. the funny thing is, you might wine rather than whine, but then the more you wine, the more you whine! no holding back =)

    ha ha!

  9. Even though I don't drink very often, I much prefer wine to whine! :) But everyone does need to vent - just gotta make sure it's not online!!