Friday, February 15, 2013

Gearing Up

Yesterday was one of those odd warm days that show up in central Pennsylvania in between cold snaps and bouts of snow. Days like this really make you long for spring and the things that go with it.

But there are many more things besides getting the yard and flowerbeds in shape the need to get in gear over the course of the next few months. If you haven't already, go sign up for A to Z and prepare yourself for the blogging event of your life.

I'm going to have three books to promote over the next few months and I'll relying on some of my online friends to help get the word out.

One of the things I'm determined to do with my blog this year is to help my fellow writers and bloggers whenever I can by spreading their good news. Last fall I had the good fortune to have the first book in my second epic fantasy series get picked up by Crescent Moon Press. I've met so may generous authors since joining the Crescent Moon family and today I'd like to introduce two of those wonderful writers and their newest releases.

Toni De Palma has a brand new YA novel out, The Devil's Triangle.  Please go visit her and check out her book. It's really a terrific book cover and the book title perfectly fits the plot.

Rebecca Trogner has a new fantasy novel out called The Last Keeper's Daughter. Her book is set in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia, one of the most beautiful locales in the eastern states. I love the mysterious cover. Hope you'll check this one out too.

And on this February 15th I want to thank the wonderful Cate Masters for her Celebrate Amore opportunity. She had me over at her place for a quick interview and a chance to promote my latest book. I'll announce the winner of the contest I ran along with that guest post on Sunday so I hope you'll hop over there and leave a comment to get a chance to win a book and some sweet stuff.

What are you gearing up for? Any hints of spring out your way? Add any books to your TBR lists lately?


  1. I see some good books here, we are lucky here with so many good authors.

    Have a good week-end.

  2. Spring is peaking around the corner here. My bulbs have sprouted and the grass is starting to turn green again.

    I haven't picked up any new books recently, but I probably will today. I'm off to ConDFW with friends.

  3. Dragon's cave is always up for promotion so you can count on us to help. :)

  4. Great books out there!

    I suddenly had a slew of books on hold at the library suddenly arrive. Now I must read like the wind.

  5. Nice cover art on the first book.

    We're warmer today and then cold tomorrow. Weather can't make up its mind.

  6. Thanks for the offer of help. I putting you on my list. Thanks.

  7. I was so tempted to get out my motorcycle yesterday! But it wasn't in the cards. Besides, they're calling for more snow tomorrow. Oy vey, the weather this winter has been crazy!

    Loved your interview over at Cate's!

    And you know you're welcome back at my blog. I'll just have to create new sea monkey S.A.T. questions for you to answer!

  8. My daffodils popped up at the end of January - it was in the 70s for a few days. That's the earliest I ever remember them popping through.

    Very admirable goal you have.

  9. Some cool looking books you've mentioned there. I hope they all do well.

    It's always 'spring' or 'summer' down here in Florida....we're spoiled :)

  10. We've had a couple warm days, too. It's strange to see all the snow melting and the grass showing in the middle of February . . .

    They all sound like great new releases!

  11. I'd be glad to help.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  12. i'll have to go visit those sites, thanks for the heads up!!

  13. Ha! There are always books being added to my TBR pile :P

    I'm gearing up for the Level Up! Blogfest this Wednesday, which I'm all kinds of excited about.

    Jamie @ Mithril Wisdom

  14. Whew, lots going on. Me, I'm not gearing up for much. Just doing my bakes. Though I did enjoy a spring-like over this past weekend.

    Cheers and boogie boogie.