Sunday, February 3, 2013

Happenings of the Heart

What do we love? I love being a guest on blogs other than my own. Well, I'm not really a guest here so I guess I just love being a guest. And I love my friends who ask me to guest.  Today I have the good fortune to be a guest at Cate Master's blog. She's running a two week blog special called  Celebrate Amore as a preliminary celebration leading up to Valentine's Day.

Cate asked great questions during an interview. I'm thrilled to have a chance to talk about Beneath the Mountain, Book #3 in The Futhark Chronicles. Perhaps because I'm sending the fourth book off to my editor for one last read through. I hope to have The Heir of Futhark ready for the market by end of the month.

So please visit Cate today. Before the Super Bowl. I'm not saying who I'm for. I don't want to lose readers because I know how loyal some people are. Who are you cheering for tonight? Are you planning ahead for Valentine's Day?


  1. Will pop over to Cate's during the course of the day.

    Have a peaceful Sunday,

  2. I'll hop on over to Cate's blog. Congratulations on completing your fourth book!!!!!

  3. Thanks all for stopping by early on a Sunday morning. Isn't Cate wonderful.

  4. I'm off to visit Cate's blog! :) We aren't a football family. If anything, we'll have the Puppy Bowl on.

  5. I just checked it out. Great interview and excerpt! Go 49ers! ...oops, did I say that? :)

  6. We have a tradition of having it on while playing board games or whatever. Husband and small one are playing mouse trap. Older two lost interest about five minutes ago.