Friday, February 1, 2013

Share the Fun

The week is wrapping up but I'll be back on Sunday with a little help from a friend.

Most writers can think of one of their colleagues who are just dazzling with promotion and impressive with their prolific creativity. For me, that person is Cate Masters. Cate seems to always have a new novel or novella being published. She writes faster than anyone I know. Where does she get all those ideas?

And not only that, but Cate is extremely generous in promoting other authors. You can see her creativity in the ideas she comes up with for promotions and blogging ideas. I'm thrilled to be included in her Celebrate Amore two week promotion where various authors will offer a bit of info about their latest book and an interview. I'm also giving away a book and some sweet stuff to commenters. I'll be Cate's guest, this Sunday, February 3rd. Hope you stop in before the Super Bowl.

I also want to offer my congratulations to David Powers King on his recent wonderful news. His YA fantasy novel, Woven, will be released in November of this year by Cedar Fort Publishing and Media.  David is also super generous with helping other authors with promotion and his blog is always interesting and informative. Please stop by and leave a good word for David and his writing partner, Michael on their success.

Next week will be busy with my first Monday health tip, Alex Cavanaugh's Insecure Writers on Wednesday and the release of L. Diane Wolfe's newest book later in the week. A must have for published writers. An exciting start to the month.

So do you know Cate, David or L. Diane? Do you know another blogger who is super helpful? Thinking of some insecurity for next week?


  1. When I think of helping others, I naturally think of Alex the super duper Ninja, and all around cool cat.

    Have yourself a great weekend.

    Cheers and boogie boogie.

  2. Cate just rocks that way and very excited for David.
    And read Whisk's comment - she's really sweet as well!

  3. Ninja Captian Alex, definitely.

    And I'm always thinking of/about insecurity...

  4. I have nothing of praise for Alex he has been a great help to me beyond the call of any blogger friend, he even put a piece on the blurb of my book. YOU ROCK ALEX.


  5. Well, the Ninja Captain, of course.

    I can't be there Sunday but I'll peek back on Monday.

  6. Kate is so giving. Awesome fo rDavid. I'm so excited for his YA fantasy novel release!

  7. Cheers to all the helpful and generous writers. We have an amazing community here. I'm not sure what I'll write for the IWSG, but I always have enough of insecurities to chat about.

  8. congrats to you on being featured ! I will stop by her blog before the super bowl....and congrats to David Powers so exciting.

  9. I would not be where I'm at without the help of my blogging friends.

    And Congrats! on being featured. And good luck to David (Kingpin) Powers!

  10. Thank you, Susan. I really hope the book helps a lot of writers.

  11. When I think super generous and helpful, I think YOU, Sue!

    I talked about you to one of the CPRW members today at lunch after our meeting. I'm very excited you'll be back in June. I may even break my tradition of not being a hugger when I see you! lol!

  12. Diane has helped me so many times I can;t count them. Its great to find help with others in the blogging community without the help of my blogging friends.