Monday, July 29, 2013

Vacation Over

Sorry I didn't get to visit blogs last week, but I was busy enjoying my vacation in Colorado Springs. My youngest son is doing an internship at The Broadmoor, a premiere resort in Colorado Springs. Besides the joy of seeing him after many months, it was awesome to hear all the wonderful things his bosses had to say about him. He loves the job, the people he works with and the area.

I'll share some of what I learned on my vacation but for today, I'm going to mention a few observations I made on my cross country drive from central Pennsylvania to Colorado and back again. I very much welcome input and discussion in the comments. Today is about the roads.

My husband didn't want to drive but I wanted to see some parts of this great country that I'd never seen before. Pennsylvania and Ohio has completely inadequate roads to handle the number of cars using them. They shouldn't be able to call a road a turnpike unless it has three lanes in each direction. Pennsylvania does have the cool tunnels that always remind me of Will Smith in I, Robot.

Ohio gets the award for having the most cops pulling over speeders. Wish they would use the money from all those fines to put in a few more lanes so traffic could move better. Indiana and Illinois get the awards for most road construction while still having the worst roads I drove upon. Kansas ... I loved driving there. My husband was bored with the landscape, but I loved it and the open highway in front of me. Colorado had the best police cars. Lots of big suvs and hot looking chargers. And who can mind driving when you can see all those mountains in front of you.

So, just a little detour from my usual talk about writing. What do you think of our country's byways and highways? Any state you love driving in or hate driving in? Agree with my assessments or do you have a different opinion?


  1. I really like the highways in Texas. It's a lot of state to cross so good roads are important.

    But Illinois has the worst roads in my experience. Too many potholes and crawling with cops.

    I loved Colorado Springs. It's one of our favorite vacation memories. Glad you had a good time too.

  2. I don't think many states keep up their roads well. Worst place to drive is through Atlanta. Eight lanes going both ways and it's still not enough to handle the traffic.

  3. Our roads are awful. And they are always working on them. Or rather, it looks like they are working on them. It's not road construction as much as it's just orange barrel storage.

  4. I love the orange barrel storage, L. Diane. So true.
    I haven't driven through any part of Georgia for a while, Alex, but this country girl would struggle on 8 busy lanes.
    Maria, yes, I vote for Illinois. Bad, bad roads.

  5. Hmph. My Ohio roads and I are insulted.

    But I was surprised we didn't get an orange barrel comment. Around here the orange barrel is considered the state bush.

  6. I think you're the first person I've ever heard that liked driving through Kansas. But I can see your point.

  7. It's been far too long since I took a road trip. I have heard that Ohio is a big ticket state.

    Glad you had fun. Any pictures to share with us?