Monday, July 15, 2013

Writers: More Than Their Writing

My daughter has been researching and making plans to dive into the craft of weaving. Like me, she reads all the time and in a variety of genres. She's also been reading a lot of nonfiction, some historical and some centered in the Middle East where she hopes to work one day after she graduates from college with her degree in International Relations. In a lot of those books, historical and middle eastern, people are weaving. Women in bad situations scrape out a living by working at one of the oldest crafts in human history. She's put a lot of thought into, checking out how to make a homemade loom and pricing them on eBay and Amazon. Looms are very expensive.

Her interest in the skill of weaving reminds me how many of my writer friends have other talents. Some are skilled bakers and cooks. Some work in the technology fields and really know their way around the computer. Some have skills in music or art.

I am an average baker, average with the crochet hook and a little better than average at cross-stitchery. I love jigsaw puzzles, like to exercise and enjoy the outdoors when it's warm.

Some weeks like the past two, I feel like I'm using every minute of my day to write as I try to finish the first draft of my current WIP by the end of the week. But I took some time to bake yesterday and of course a few hours off to read. But it's so easy to get caught up in the writing, since I enjoy it, and let all those other fun things go. Don't forget the other little joys beyond your writing.

I think few creative people put all their energy into one medium. Where else do your talents show up? Do you find those other activities as enjoyable as writing? Know anyone with a loom for sale?


  1. I'm like you and do a lot of baking... it's a way to escape when I need a break from writing:)

  2. I try to keep all facets of myself nurtured so that I don't dry up with the writing. I love being outdoors, especially in our brief and almost ideal summers in Colorado.

  3. I came into writing late so I have lots of other pastimes.

    Graphic design was my first vocation (and is again) so I can't call it a hobby, but I do love to garden and help hubby build things.

    Re: loom
    Wish I knew where you could find one. I have neighbors who sell alpaca hair but that's about all I know.

    I think it's great that she's picking up an ancient tradition. Kudos to her!

  4. She's excited for just that reason, Maria.
    Julia, I'll be in Colorado Springs next week to visit my son. Looking forward to visiting your beautiful state. My son is a runner and loves the opportunities.
    Doing some baking this afternoon, TF.

  5. I love to garden, and knit, and cook.

  6. Too many things interest me! My muse has ADD, lol. I used to have so many more hobbies - (trying to) play piano, embroidery, painting, photography. Mostly I stick to writing (which I don't consider a hobby) and photography these days.
    Now weaving sounds interesting too... :)

  7. I make jewelry and knit along with my writing. I got a business license and attend local fairs as a vendor to sell what I make... so I can make more! LOL! Usually, when writing gets a little stressful, I turn to my crafts - especially knitting - and work on that. It really calms me down and helps me get back into my writing.

  8. Weaving is something I think I'd like. Early on I wanted to go to New Zealand, raise sheep and weave. But then, I got distracted by art, and photography, two things I do as well as writing.

    Hubs gave me my first SLR camera shortly after we met. Before that I borrowed the work camera from a colleague. I sew-clothes, curtains and crafts, and cook French style when I'm in the mood. (We usually have crepes I've premade in the freezer.)

    Good luck to your daughter with her great planning. That's the way I tried to plot my life, too. It's a proactive approach, rather than reactive.

  9. Part of my problem is that I'm interested in a lot of different things! I do want to put more effort into art, especially collage.

  10. I'm a professional photographer, too. I've also done crafts and latch hook over the years. And stained glass.

  11. Around the world, weaving is an under-appreciated form of creative expression. I have a friend who is a master weaver. Good luck to your daughter!

  12. I don't care for baking, but I can make a mean pie. I don't mind cooking as long as it's not too fussy.

    I love photography, but am only average. I love astronomy.

    Neat on the weaving. That would take skill and practice.

  13. i love the idea of the loom---i hope you find one----it sounds so soothing---you have many talents---i like to organize and dream pretty much---love to see some pics of your handiwork :)

  14. Hi, Susan,

    What a great interest. I LOVE crafting of all kinds. I started at a very early age. I was born an artist. I remember even at three making things, drawing, and having interests in music and art.

    I even told my parents at age five that I wanted to go to Europe to look at the art. My parents thought I was POSSESSED. They didn't understand until much later. Mom was an accountant and Dad and electrician.

    I inherited my talent from my Mom's parents, but they both died by the time I was ten. My grandfather was the one with all the talent, but he died when my mom was only two.

    Funny what we inherit.

    Like you, I lOVE to back, but I draw, sew, knit, paint, craft everything, and enjoy all aspects of art. There is just not enough time the day....

  15. I know you're multi-talented, Michael. I feel like an amateur when I see all the artistic areas you work in.
    Lynn, I did have one picture of my last cross stitch up a while ago. I have a few projects in the works I'll share at some point.

  16. I remember back in school a teacher was talking about writers. How they will haul up and just write, write, write. But then how they sometimes forgot to live, live, live.