Friday, October 4, 2013

Reading On the Cheap

I finally made the decision and bought a tablet. I couldn't help myself when Amazon offered the latest version of their seven inch HD Kindle for only $139. I have a ten dollar gift card, so it made it an easy choice. It arrived yesterday, a day earlier than predicted shipping date as often happens when dealing with the retail giant.

I haven't explored all the possibilities with my cool little tablet but it sure is fun to read on. It's easy to get to my Facebook and email accounts. I'll be able to use it to access my blog during my travels as well as Netflix and my Ultraviolet account. How fun is that?

Would I have preferred an iPad? Maybe, but I do have my iPhone for my music and a few games. There are so many options for tablets, but so far I'm happy and I didn't have to spend too much money.

In my Kindle account, I have lots of books I bought for free and others I bought for only a few dollars. There are lots of selections out there and you can bet I'll be searching for even more now that I have my lovely little Kindle.

Also on my desk is a stack of hardback books I borrowed from the library. Though I like to browse in the library, I often use the online catalog to request books by favorite authors including new releases. The wonderful library people pull those books off the shelves for me. Sometimes the books aren't in the local branch of our county wide system so another wonderful worker puts them on a truck and ships them to my local library. I can walk in the door, pull them off the special shelf and check out. So easy and quick, and cheap.

Do you download free books onto your eReader , computer or smartphone? Do you have a tablet? What kind? Is your library as terrific as mine is? Wasn't the kickoff of the IWSG website amazing?


  1. I want, I want, I want. I've been yearning for a kindle fire for a while now. Sigh, someday. My librarians are pretty cool, but the selection is a little small. Still, it works for now.

  2. Yes, I have a lot of free books on my iPad. All of my gadgets are tied in with the iTunes platform, so I've stuck with it.

  3. And yes, the launch for the site - and the Facebook group - was amazing!

  4. I have an ipad and a kindle. Honestly I use the kindle more. It's not a tablet, just a reader, but I like that about it.

  5. I do the same thing at the library! I request books ahead of time - esp ones by big name authors or ones where there will be a long wait - then go in and pick them up when they're ready for me. Love it! I will browse the New Fiction and NonFiction shelf, though, too. :)

    I have a Kindle app on my iPad where I read some ebooks, mostly shorter works like collections and novellas.

  6. yep I use Kindle on my iPhone all the time. My hubby has a Kindle Fire, and I have an old paper white kindle. I'm hesitant to get an actual tablet since it think the web would distract me from reading. I use my iPhone and laptop for everything else anyway. The Fire is nice for watching Netflix tho!

  7. I love my Kindle Fire, so glad I went for that instead of a different tablet :)

  8. I have an older Kindle Fire that I love but it gives me conniptions with recharging. Apparently it's a design flaw. Grrr.

    I saw the great price on the Kindles and contemplated going ahead and purchasing a new one. I LOVE it for traveling and night time reading especially.

    I live in a small town with a really small library and am forever requesting things online. Oh-- and I check out books on my Kindle all the time too. WEEEE!

  9. I've been hoping for several years now that Santa would be kind enough to leave a Kindle in my stocking, but so far no luck.

    I haven't been to the library for a long time now. Just don't have the time.

  10. I still haven't sprung for an e-reader or any other small device other than my notebook computer which I usually only use when I travel.

    Maybe someday. After I read all of the hard copy books I own. Okay, if that's the case then maybe not in my lifetime.

    Wrote By Rote

  11. Reading your post makes me wonder if I shouldn't have bought the Kindle Fire instead of the Kindle Touch (strictly for reading books) a few years ago. It would be nice to take something so small when traveling. ::sigh::

    However, I do love my Kindle. I still check out (real) books from the library and I have a fairly extensive book collection (and that is after donating 70% to the library). Nothing replaces the turning of the pages...

    In other news, I dedicated a little something to you on the Thursday post. I hope you like it:)

  12. I just bought the $139 tablet for my husband for Christmas. I hope he loves it! I have a regular Kindle and unfortunately don't enjoy reading books that way nearly as much as I like to read print books.

  13. No tablet for me, just my laptop. But I do read books on it. My local library is the one where we had our meeting today, and yes, it's wonderful.

    And it was absolutely fantastic to see you today. I'm so glad you've rejoined!!! :)

  14. I am dropping heavy hints to the few people who love me that what a gal like me really really wants for x-mas is a mini-ipad. Ahem! LOL!

    Glad you are enjoying your kindle and library!

    Take care

  15. I have the basic Kindle and I'm very happy with it. I have so many books downloaded on it that it will probably take me years to read them all, because I also have stacks of paperback and hard cover books to read. With winter right around the corner, hopefully I'll find more time to read. : )

  16. I am interested to hear more about this tablet as we are thinking about getting one. Can you print from it?