Wednesday, October 30, 2013

To The Victors Goes The....

I remember a line in the movie, The Dark Knight, where Batman says you either die a hero or live long enough to become the villain. Or something like that. I've always loved that idea for a novel plot.

In my upcoming release, First Dragon, war is spreading across the land of Morbunda. Long ago in the history of Morbunda, a war was fought that resulted in great loss of human life and the apparent annihilation of all dragons. It took generations for civilization to recover. Now war is coming to Morbunda again, and this time the aggressors are the former heroes of the first war. Just like Batman said would happen!

In most fantasy novels, war is part of the plot line. In the best novels, each side in the war believes they are fighting for what is right and best unless they're purely evil. I hope the readers of First Dragon see the issues driving both sides of the new war.  And I hope lots of people read First Dragon when it's released this Friday from Crescent Moon Press.

Do you agree with Batman? Do you think wars happen in cycles? Have you read any good fantasy novels where you couldn't really tell who the good guys are and who the bad guys are?

I might be a little late getting around to your blogs today. I'm helping my son move across the country this week.


  1. Moving across the country is a big deal!
    I do think wars happen in cycles. They are prevalent in science fiction as well.

  2. All of life is cyclical, including wars.

    Good luck with moving your son. Are you an empty nester now?

  3. Stories where both sides believe they're right are almost always more interesting and complex to me. Meaning, your book sounds great :) Of course there are exceptions - Lord of the Rings, anyone?

    I also love that concept from Batman, and I think it's entirely true. I'm sure I'll make a lot of people very angry if I say this, but sometimes it seems to me that that's what's happening in Israel (for the record, I'm Jewish).

  4. Your book sounds great! I have to agree that wars happen in cycles. They sure seem to.

  5. It definitely seems like life is cyclical.

  6. Thanks everyone for your wishes. Liz, that is very interesting about Israel. I'll have to bring that up with my daughter as she's taking a class in college about the Is/Pal conflict.
    Maria, I don't think I'll ever have an empty nest.

  7. Very exciting news for this
    Friday. Wishing you TONS of
    reading and good sales.

    Good luck with the move as
    well. Boogie boogie.

  8. Yes, I think it depends on who you ask. For instance, when the world made the US the keeper of the world's gold after WWII they did it because they thought we could be trusted. After Vietnam, they realized that we were printing more money than there was gold and countries starting calling their gold back. It was so bad that Nixon ended Gold Buyback (it was previously set at a fixed rate of $35/ounce). Nixon said that it was done for the economy of the US (true, because we were irresponsible with the world's gold) and the rest of the world saw it as the biggest ripoff ever (also true), making Bernie Madoff look like a child in a pro's game. So, is the US the hero or the villain? Depends on who you ask...

  9. That quote almost sounds as if Batman expects every hero to become jaded after awhile. Or maybe that it depends on which side you're on whether you consider a person a hero? Interesting.

    Best of luck with your release!

  10. I love stories that don't have a clear hero and villain. Congrats on your upcoming release!

  11. I read once that war is nature's way of thinning the herd, much like plague and famine. Sad thought.

    Best of luck on your release.

  12. That's a big move. I'm excited for your new book.

  13. Those are the heroes I love the best, because they're the most authentic.

  14. I think the Batman line is very cynical, yet very perceptive as well. It's an interesting thought. I don't know if wars are cyclic as much as they are a continuation throughout history with lulls of illusionary peace interspersed between the war activity.

    Now you're making me think.

    A Faraway View

  15. Susan, I think everything goes in cycles from wars to depressions to economic prosperity to moral standards. There always seems to be a backlash to the current state of the nation/world.

  16. Happy Oogie Boogie Day, Susan. I know it's not your favorite so please feel free to use this pumpkin for some Thanksgiving pie. Mmm good.