Monday, October 7, 2013

Writing Groups

The past Saturday was a special day for me. I mentioned in September that I rejoined RWA, mainly so I could rejoin the local chapter, CPRW. I finally attended a meeting with those wonderful people.

Not only did I see many familiar faces, I met many new additions to the group I'd been away from for a while. I'd kept in touch with a few people from the group and only realized just how much I missed them when I saw them again. But much had changed.

My wonderful friend, Ava Quinn, sat in the President's seat. She rules with a velvet covered glove. It's not easy to gather all those personalities onto the same track and keep the train moving forward. Lots of ideas for future events came up and discussion flew about the room. Ava gathered the threads together and gave them some direction so the actual exciting programs could happen. And reminded us why some couldn't. I seriously don't know how Ava finds the time to do everything she does, not just for CPRW but in her real life too. She's amazing.

To my extreme delight, I found a seat beside the past president, Misty Simon. If you have never read something by Misty and you like to grin and laugh when you write, check out her books. And she's as funny in person and so energetic there's nothing she won't take on.

Between the new members and the veterans, the mix of the group is quite diverse. Diversity means each person comes to the group with different needs and expectations. Companionship is nice, but there has to be more. On Saturday the talented Natalie Damschroder gave a mini workshop on how to use Track Changes. I really could have used that when I first had to work with an editor. As it was, I really only had one questions about Track Changes. And Natalie answered it!

If felt so wonderful to write down my goals again and know they'll be published in the newsletter so more than thirty other writers will know my plans for the month. I savored the segment of the meeting when people were honored for their recent successes and consoled for their rejections. I signed up for an online workshop the group is providing.

I could say more, but I feel like I'm gushing. Oh, and nothing to do with nothing, but look what interrupted me while I was writing this blog. This huge turtle was crossing my front yard. He paused for pictures but moved along pretty good when he thought we weren't looking.

Do you help turtles off the road? Have you taken any online workshops lately? Have your worked with Track Changes?

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  1. Yes, I'm definitely helping turtles off the road. No to the other two questions. Have a lucky week.

  2. We are always helping turtles off the road! My husband thinks they can sense that we have tortoises at home so they aren't afraid of us. :)

    And isn't it amazing what a good group leader can do?

  3. Glad you reconnected with the group!
    I'll help most turtles, but snapping turtles are on their own.

  4. Good luck with the online group. I belong to a couple and they are a lot of help.

    And yes I help an animal in distress. Especially turtles.

  5. Aw, thanks, Sue! I'm blushing! It was SO fantastic to see you the other day. I hope you can make it to the Nov. meeting in the midst of all your travels!

  6. Sounds like you've been very busy.

    And, of course, the turtles thank you;)

  7. So long as it's not a snapping turtle, lol. Those I don't pick up, just shoo them along.
    I just finished two online workshops, a monthlong one and a one-night one. Both excellent!

  8. Yes, I help turtles off the road. I have even nursed two of them back to health after they got injured from cars.

    I want to try an online workshop too. Where do I find them?

  9. I would help turtles. I also swerve for mice and birds. :)

    Writers groups are great. I do use track changes.

  10. We don't see many turtles here in So. Cal. but I would help one across the road if I had the chance.

    I'm not sure I'd share my goals knowing they would be in the newsletter; you're a brave writer!

  11. I can't live without tracked changes. It's a godsend for editing.

    Re: turtles
    About the only thing I won't move off the road are snakes. :)

  12. I've been meaning to join my local chapter of SCBWI. I have to stop getting caught up. I've never had to help a turtle cross the road, but if I saw one, I absolutely would.

  13. The group sounds amazing. You're making me very much want to look into it!!

  14. Hi Susan! Wow that's an interesting looking turtle. I help turtles all the time. Living in FLA, they're quite common.
    Aren't writing workshops and writing groups fabulous?? I always learn something!

  15. I'm not familiar with Track Changes. I'd like to see the dwindling writers group that I belong to rejuvenate and become more like yours.

    Tossing It Out

  16. Oh the bliss of a group-- I participate in our regional writer's association (Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers) online, but live in such a remote location I've been unable to form a live group. Sigh-- someday!

  17. Long time ago I belonged to a few different writing groups and for one of them, had a column for three years. Was so much fun.

    Wishing you fun as well. Cheers and boogie boogie.